Monday, 25 February 2013

Our Climber

Look at me!
Felix had a wonderful time yesterday. He had his first experience with waves at the beach and he thought it was fantastic! He bravely walked out deeper and deeper, which was great for strengthening the muscles in his legs. He had to work on balancing and keeping himself steady as the little waves tried to knock him over. Most of the time he managed to stay on his feet, but when he did fall over he really enjoyed it and, by the time we left the beach, he was soaked from his neck down (we're still trying to keep those problem ears dry!) He enjoyed playing in the sand, and watching all the dogs walking up and down the beach. The highlight of his afternoon was when a military helicopter flew really low over the water, just above our heads. Felix couldn't take his eyes off it; he was in awe!

Felix and Liam
This morning, Felix and I met with one of my lovely friends and her gorgeous little boy, Liam. We were going to meet at a playground outside, but it was pouring with rain so we had to opt for an indoor playground instead. Liam happily toddled off to play on the playground but, Felix was a bit too overwhelmed by all the children, so he had some cuddles with me instead. Even though he was on my lap, Felix loved looking around as the other kids rushed by him. He enjoyed the sights and sounds of the shopping centre, and charmed the ladies sitting nearby, by smiling and waving at them from over my shoulder. I tried to get some photos of Felix and Liam together, but Felix freaked out sitting so close to Liam. I took some anyway, and they're pretty hilarious. This one, on my blog, is probably the best one. Most of the others, Felix is covering his face with his hands!

Getting very clever with his
Later today, we spent some time with Bekah and Joel (a couple of Felix's older siblings). I love seeing his face when he sees them; it just lights up. It never seems to matter how much time has gone by since he saw them last, he is always so happy to see them and throws himself into their arms for cuddles. Felix enjoyed walking up and down the stairs at Bekah's house. He wants to climb everything these days. It makes me so nervous. Yesterday, Felix climbed into the pram when we were sitting on the grass, near the beach. I wasn't too worried because he would have landed on the soft grass if he had fallen. Tonight, however, he tried to climb up onto a little concrete ledge at the hotel we were at for dinner. Unfortunately, he felt how hard the floor was when he landed with a 'bang' on the tiles. Nathan thought I was close enough to grab him, and I thought Nathan was close enough. The result was that neither of us grabbed him and he ended up with a big bump on the side of his head. I'm so thankful he didn't split his head; judging by the look of it, it was pretty close! After some snuggles, our tough guy was up and about again, looking for his next adventure!

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