Monday, 4 February 2013

Too Tired

Green Bay for next year's Superbowl
Today was Felix's first day back at his Special Needs Playgroup. It was also Superbowl, so it was always going to be a busy day for us. Superbowl is a bit of a tradition for Nathan and I. We always make a day of it; cooking some yummy snacks and just hanging out for the day. Being Felix's first Playgroup, after a two month break, it was really important to take him to that as well. Thank goodness for a 'record' button on our cable TV!

I got Felix dressed into his NFL jersey (Even though our team wasn't in the Superbowl, we still wanted to get into the spirit of it). I told him we were going to Playgroup to see some of his friends. He looked at me blankly because he hasn't been there for such a long time, and can probably barely remember it. When I said we were going for a drive in the car, he was pretty happy about that and was keen to toddle out the front door and into the car. I'm so glad he loves the car because of all the long drives we have to do.

Playgroup fun
It took Felix a little while to warm up at Playgroup. He's still usually a little bit thrown when there is a room full of other children, playing and squealing. One little girl, in particular, has quite a shrill scream which makes Felix tense up and hold his ears. I'm thankful, however, that it didn't make Felix throw himself into my arms, like it used to. After a while, he settled a bit and was happy to start playing with some of the toys there. He particularly likes the metal frame with wooden beads on it. He pushes the beads up and down and round the bends. He was smiling and laughing, and thoroughly enjoying himself. During song time, Felix got really involved and must have remembered what to do, because he proudly took the photo of himself and put it on the board when it was his turn. Every little glimmer of confidence makes me so happy, so I couldn't contain my smile today.

I had to cut Playgroup short this morning to get home and watch the Superbowl with Nathan. Felix quite enjoys watching the football too, so he was happy to sit with us. He loved our array of snacks, and had his own lunch box of goodies to enjoy. We tried to put him down for a day time sleep at 12pm but, once again he was still playing after an hour, so we got him up and had a fun afternoon playing with him instead. I still can't believe how suddenly he has given up his day sleeps!

After pulling out all his toys and nappies, this is where
we found him.... sound asleep!
At dinner time tonight, Felix was exhausted. He wasn't interested in one of his favourite meals; a roast dinner with lots of gravy. He picked most of it up off his plate and moved it onto the tray of his high chair, refusing to eat any of it. He didn't have a tantrum, but he was just a bit miserable because he was so tired. I finally got him to eat a rice cake with some peanut butter on it, but he was falling asleep eating it. I'm not quite sure how he finished it in between nodding off. We put him to bed as soon as he was done and, believe it or not, he STILL didn't go to sleep. He played in his room for another hour and a half (until 8.30pm) before there was silence. A few minutes ago, I crept in there to tuck him in. It was the first time I've ever found him asleep somewhere other than his bed. He was sound asleep, on his belly, in the middle of the floor. Poor kid was too tired to climb back into bed. Hopefully the later nights might mean he'll sleep in longer than 5.30am.... I can hope!!


  1. Felix is ADORABLE! Our Neely just turned 8 months old today! Hopped over from Noah's Dad's blog. Look forward to following your journey! God bless!

    1. Thank you so much Jenifer. It's great to hear from other Mum's who are sharing my journey. I bet Neely brings you so much joy! x x x