Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Did I Say I Despise Ear Infections?

Look where I found Felix when he
woke up this morning
On Saturday afternoon I thought Felix was getting sick, because he'd been a bit flat, but by later that night, he was full of energy and seemed fine. All day Sunday and Monday he was OK too, with no signs of being unwell. In, what has become the norm for Felix, he suddenly got very lethargic late this afternoon. He lay down on the couch and, later, was laying on the floor. When I went over to see if he was feeling alright, I picked him up and noticed he was burning with a fever again. I still can't believe how quickly his fevers start. Being already 3pm in the afternoon, I didn't like our chances of getting him in to see our Doctor, so late in the day, and was dreading the thought of having to sit up at the hospital again.

I decided to try and get Felix in to see the Doctor anyway. Thankfully, when I mentioned to the receptionist that he was running a fever (again), she told me to bring him down there in an hour. I think they're so used to Felix being there with a temperature, that I could probably call them and say, "Can I book him in for the usual."

I knew the Doctor was going to say that Felix has an ear infection. With Felix it is always his ears! I also had a feeling it would be his right ear again, which it was. The right ear is the one the surgeon had trouble putting the grommet into, and the right one was the one infected last month as well. The Doctor couldn't see either of Felix's eardrums properly because there was so much wax in there (something that has caused issues for Doctors since he was tiny), but there was definitely an infection. Poor little guy...he never complains when he gets an ear infection. He doesn't scream or cry; he just gives us all extra cuddles until we notice he has a fever. He's such a little trooper!
Only the cool kids wear bowls on their heads

The highlight of today was when Felix decided to say the word "Daddy". He has continued to be so stubborn when it comes to saying that word, shaking his head and refusing to say it, even though we heard him say it months ago. I think it was a bit of a game to him. We would say, "Say Daddy!", and he would either sign the word or click his tongue and laugh. Today, Nathan was holding Felix and he looked at a photo of Nathan on the wall and just said, "Daddy", as clearly as anything. Once he'd said it once, he said it a few more times. Needless to say, Nathan had a big grin on his face. He's waited a long time to hear him speak that word. Hopefully we'll be hearing it a bit more over the coming days.

Our precious little guy is tucked up in bed now; fast asleep. Hopefully the antibiotics will kick in quickly and he will wake up feeling much better in the morning. He's such a sweet little boy and I hate seeing him unwell.

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