Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hard Head

Hey, good looking
Felix was really flat when he woke up this morning. When I went into his room, he was laying on the floor cuddling his monkey and grizzling quietly to himself. I picked him up and carried him to our bedroom where he just snuggled in to me and lay there, perfectly still, having cuddles. Much as I enjoyed cuddling him (he's usually too busy these days for more than a quick hug), I knew that the only time Felix is that cuddly is when he is sick. When Felix gets sick, it's generally either an ear infection or croup, so I expected him to go downhill during the day. Instead, he seems to have picked up a little bit so, fingers crossed, it was a false alarm.

It was really hot today so it was a good day to get the windows washed and get some Vitamin D from the sunshine. Felix was keen to go outside, so I took the cover off his sandpit and started to wash the front windows. When I looked back at Felix, I saw him squatting down next to the sandpit, with his head resting on the edge of it. He was obviously still feeling a bit ordinary, so I took him back inside and he sat on the opposite side of the windows, smiling at me as I washed them. I'm sure he stayed a lot cooler than I did outside!

Kisses for himself
Later in the day, I went out in the backyard to wash the back windows. Felix was feeling much better, so he came outside with me. He's constantly signing 'outside' lately, because he wants to play with the dogs, so he was happy to be out there. I filled up his little play table with water and he had a great time playing and splashing. Of course, he found the dog's bucket of water as well, so he ended up completely soaked. After a while, he seemed to be getting really tired again so I walked over to get him and take him inside. Just before I got to him, he slipped on the wet concrete, fell back and bumped his head really hard. Felix has to have one of the toughest heads because, after a few tears and a big cuddle, I checked his head and he only had a tiny, little red mark there; no bump and no blood! After a nice splash in the bath, he was perfectly happy and ready to play again.

Each day with Felix brings with it something we find funny. He has such a huge personality and never ceases to make us laugh. Tonight, Aaron had gone to a friend's house, so we only had Isaiah and Felix home for dinner. It had been such a hot day, so Nathan and I decided to get junk food instead of cooking. I drove up the road to Hungry Jacks (Burger King, to my American friends), and bought our dinner. When I got home Isaiah opened the front door, with Felix up on his shoulders. The second the door opened, I heard the word "Yum", as loudly as anything, come from Felix. He speaks so few words, that I always think it's awesome when he uses one of them. We only buy take away food about once a month but, for some reason, it always manages to get a "Yum" out of Felix. It makes my home cooking feel very insignificant when a box of fries can bring so much excitement. He's such a funny boy!

Crazy bunch
Just before Felix went to bed tonight, Nathan and I were playing around with the camera on Felix's ipad. We showed him how to take photos of himself, so he was snapping away like he was the paparazzi. When he looked back at the photos of himself, he kissed his own pictures. Hahaha... he has such a healthy self esteem!  After Mr. Vain had finished kissing himself, we took a few photos of the three of us. My favourite is  one of the three of us doing Felix's crazy face. I just had to post it on my blog to share it with you all :)

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