Saturday, 9 February 2013

So Proud!

Kisses for Atlas
We've just got back from a farewell. The boys came with us and had a great time hanging out with the other kids there, and playing on the jumpy castle. They were well and truly worn out by the time we got home.

I expected Felix to be grumpy and miserable tonight. He didn't have a day sleep again today and was getting quite irritable by the afternoon. Instead, he was just a delight! He smiled and waved at everybody. He gave out high fives, and showed off with his signing. He ate dinner beautifully; eating some of his own and sharing some of ours as well. He prompted conversation with a few people, about Down Syndrome, and I was really pleased to have some positive discussions with people about life with Felix. I was encouraged to be told some great stories about other people, with Down Syndrome, as well. One person even said to me that the world would be a better place if there were more people with Down Syndrome in it. That was pretty awesome to hear, and quite different from some conversations I've had. It definitely put a smile on my face!

Kisses for Chaos
Kisses for Envy
Recently, a friend of mine; a young woman, with a gorgeous little boy who has Down Syndrome, just announced her second pregnancy. I was horrified to find out that, instead of congratulations, several people had made comments to her such as, "When do you have your testing done to find out if everything is OK this time?" I was so disappointed to hear that people had made such insensitive comments. I really urge anyone, who knows someone in a similar situation, to offer your congratulations, just as you would to anyone else announcing such exciting news. To make comments, like the ones my friend has received, is like telling someone that the child they already have, who is much loved and much wanted, is less than ideal. If your pregnant friend wants to discuss testing, or the possibility of the child they are carrying having a similar condition, it is up to them to broach that subject with you. Be excited, be positive and be encouraging! I really hope my friend has a healthy pregnancy and a baby with no health issues but, I know for a fact, that if her second baby has Down Syndrome (or another disability), it will be one of the most loved and most wanted babies ever born. I am so proud of all she has done to raise awareness for Down Syndrome and Heart Kids. She may only be young, but she has done more for people living with disability or heart issues than most people will do in a lifetime!!

Tonight, as I said goodnight to our perfect little man, I was overwhelmed with love for him and felt an immense pride. He is beyond amazing to me. I love him more than I could ever say.

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