Sunday, 3 February 2013

Mr. Muscles

Glad to be outside
In an attempt to tire Felix out, so he would have a day sleep today, I took him down to our local gardens for a long walk this morning. He loved being out in the sunshine. He was excited to see people walking their dogs, signing 'dog' every time one walked past. Being his usual charming self, Felix came across a couple of female joggers on the path, and got them to stop and talk to him. They stood and smiled at Felix and told me how adorable he was. It made me puff out my chest a little bit; I'm always so proud to show off our little man.

We stopped at the playground, but Felix wasn't too sure about that. There were a lot of kids running around, squealing and talking to each other. I think the noise level was a little bit too much for him. It took him a while  for him to feel comfortable enough to explore but, eventually, he did. He particularly loves slides, so I lifted him up and helped him slide down until my arms were worn out. I wish I could have got a photo of his beaming smile, but my hands were otherwise occupied. He's going to love it when he has enough dexterity to  go down the slide by himself all the time. I can see a lot of time playing on the playground in the future.

Slide fun
My best laid plans weren't terribly successful. I kept Felix up until 12pm, thinking he would be well and truly worn out and would fall straight to sleep when I put him to bed. He looked so sleepy; his eyes were red and puffy, and he was yawning and rubbing his eyes. I was pretty excited, thinking that I might get a couple of hours to get some things done today, without my little helper. It wasn't to be. After an hour, I could still hear Felix playing with his toys and having a great time. Little monkey! I opened his door and he wandered out, totally bright eyed and happy, ready for his afternoon adventures.

So strong!
This afternoon, while Nathan and I were doing weights in our shed, Felix came out there with us. It was a good Physio session for him, climbing over the weights and the barbells. His style is very unique; opting to go backwards over the bar, feet first. He is learning to problem solve really well and concentrates hard on navigating himself through obstacles. He even managed to keep his balance when the dogs rushed past him and almost pushed him over. At one point, Felix climbed into the middle of the trap bar and leaned forward, picking up the bar with his hands. He pulled so hard (the little veins on his neck were popping out), until he managed to make the bar move upwards (it could roll because of the weights on each side). He looked up at us with a look of amazement on his face. It was so cute. Anyone would think he had lifted the whole thing by himself. Nathan's pretty excited at his interest in weight lifting. If Felix ever makes it to the Special Olympics, I think that might be his thing!

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