Wednesday, 27 February 2013

City Fun

Laughing with Granny
The last few days have been a bit of a blur. We have been in the city, while Nathan has been on a course for work. As usual, we have had plenty of running around to do so Felix is pretty worn out. At the moment, he is sound asleep in his car seat, and I'm sitting in the car taking advantage of my portable internet modem. It's pretty handy to be able to access the internet and write my blog in the sunshine. We are just waiting for Nathan to finish for the day before we start our long drive home.

Covering Papa with toys
Felix has enjoyed catching up with his older siblings this week and had a lot of fun spending a whole day with his Granny and Papa yesterday while I was in hospital. I was happy to go in for my surgery, knowing that Felix was so happy and settled. He stood on the front porch and waved as my Dad drove me to hospital in the morning, but it was very half-hearted, because he was enjoying being outside and looking at the birds in the garden. He wasn't the least bit worried about me leaving!

When I got back to my parents place yesterday afternoon, Mum told me that Felix was asleep. I was so surprised, because he barely ever sleeps during the day any more, and I wasn't sure where he would have gone to sleep because I had already packed up the porta cot. I walked into the lounge room, to see him curled up on a pillow, with his legs tucked underneath him, sound asleep. He has never gone to sleep in the middle of the floor, especially with other people around, so I couldn't believe it. He must have been so tired. I'm glad he was sleeping because I was still pretty drowsy from the anaesthetic, so I went and had a sleep for a while as well. 
Hanging things from Daddy's ears

When we both woke up, Felix showed me the new bird sound he had learnt at Papa and Granny's house. They had been watching one particular bird for quite a while, and Felix copied the sound really well. He always signs 'outside' when we are at my parent's house because he knows that one of them will take him out to see what they can find in the garden; sometimes it's a butterfly or a flower, but mostly Felix enjoys seeing the native birds that fly around there all the time. 

Nathan and I were out having dinner, earlier in the week, and we were both talking about how easy Felix is to travel with. He is completely happy to travel long distances in the car, he is wonderful to take out to restaurants and he sleeps through the night no matter where we are, even if it's not familiar to him. He particularly enjoys going out to eat and, if he is allowed to walk around, he will go up to people at other tables to say hello, and will always give them a huge smile. This morning, however, he did nothing for the stereotype of people with Down Syndrome 'always being happy'. I had to go to the shop to grab a few things and he let me (and everyone there), know that he was not impressed about being at the shop AT ALL. I can assure you, when Felix wants to be vocal, he is extremely loud! He settled after he spotted a pet store and we went inside. Thank goodness for puppies and kittens!!

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