Thursday, 21 February 2013

An Adorable Visitor

Still got a smile :)
After a day and a half of antibiotics, Felix is a bit better. He's still getting a fever every so often, but not as high as it was before. He has some energy back, but has been winding down fairly quickly in the evenings. Unfortunately, he's still decided that he doesn't need an afternoon sleep and, much as I'd like to, I can't really explain to a two year old that he would get better more quickly if he had extra sleep. I don't like giving any of our kids medication but, on the Doctor's advice, I've bought a bottle of Nurofen (for the first time ever), and Felix has been settling really well after having a dose before bed. I've been giving him the lowest dose, but it seems to be enough to ease any discomfort, and helps him go to sleep and stay settled all night. He's such a tough guy!

I have to take Felix back to the Doctor tomorrow. He wants to see if he can get a good view of his eardrums because he couldn't see them when we were there last. If he can't see past the wax, he wants to talk to Felix's Specialist to see if he can put some drops in his ears, to dissolve the wax, so he can see his eardrums properly. I've never heard of it before, but it's another month before we take Felix back to the hospital again, so it would be good to know what's going on.
Taste this Noah!

Our Grandson, Noah, and his Mummy, are back in town for a couple of weeks, which is so exciting! Noah came over for a play today, while his Mum caught up with a friend. He gave me the biggest smile when he came through the door; it was completely adorable. Felix wasn't quite so excited about having his nephew arrive just as he was about to eat lunch. He also wasn't excited when Noah decided to try and feed him his lunch. He gave him a very grumpy look and climbed onto the couch to have a sulk for a while. Granted, he's not feeling the best, so he wasn't a bundle of laughs before Noah got there either.

Such gorgeous boys!
After a while, Felix warmed up to the fact that Noah was here to stay for a while. He went over and patted him on the head with an "Awwwww". He even gave him a kiss and sat and played with him for a while. It was great to see them both together again. They are pretty much the same size now; the only thing different is that Felix looks older in the face. It won't be too much longer and Noah will be towering above our little shorty. I'm looking forward to watching them as they grow. I'm so glad that Noah will grow up seeing people with Down Syndrome as just a 'normal' part of life. He won't know anything different because he will have always had Felix around. That goes for our future Grandchildren too. I'm thankful that there will be a whole new generation of kids, growing up, with an acceptance and a love for people with Down Syndrome.

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