Wednesday, 11 April 2012

What's all the fuss?

Mummy is happy I'm OK
I slept so well last night. It was wonderful to close my eyes, knowing that Felix has been given the all clear by the Paediatrician for the time being. Felix has been quite oblivious to all the fuss surrounding him this week and has continued to make some fantastic progress with his development.

Little man
Felix has finally mastered climbing down off our bed without any help at all. He dangles his feet over the edge and backs down, grabbing onto the quilt to slow him as he drops to the ground. When his feet hit the floor he keeps holding on until he has his balance and then lets go. While it's comforting to know that he won't fall on his head off the side of the bed, the end of the bed still poses a problem. Felix seems to think he's a bit of a mountaineer. We have a foot on the end of our bed and he likes to climb it and then lift one leg over the top. I caught him this morning just as he fell over the top. I think he'll need to work on that one for a while.

He is making lots of new sounds and even though he's been able to make the sound 'Mum' for a long time it hasn't necessarily been directed at me. He now says 'Mum' when he wants me or if he's feeling tired or upset. You could say I'm just a little bit excited about that!!

One thing I'm loving right now is that when Felix wants to be picked up, he stretches his arms as high above his head as he possibly can and arches his back. He opens his eyes so wide and gives us a huge smile. How could we possibly resist anything so adorable?

Whistling like Papa taught me
The last time we went to visit my parents, Felix was fascinated by watching my Dad whistle. As annoying as it was for the rest of us to listen to Dad whistle the same song over and over (love you Dad), Felix loved it. Ever since then, Felix tries to whistle. He puts his mouth in the right shape and blows. It's just so cute! He will keep blowing and blowing until we whistle for him. He certainly knows exactly what he wants.

After our good news yesterday, Felix topped the day right off by walking around the furniture. We have a huge coffee table and he walked all the way along one side and then around the corner and along the other. We clapped and cheered and he beamed his big smile, obviously very proud of himself. It was a perfect end to the day!

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