Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Something New Every Day

Such a happy boy!
Felix just amazes me each and every day. He seems to be constantly learning new things, and comprehending more all the time.

Today he was so excited when his brothers got home from school. He had been playing with Isaiah (our 13 year old), when he decided to go and have a shower. Felix wasn't happy about that. Isaiah was on one side of the bathroom door saying, "I'll be out in a minute Felix" and Felix was on the other side grunting answers every time Isaiah spoke. He was literally responding to everything he said.

A bit later on, Isaiah was playing with Felix again when we heard the familiar, "Mum, Dad, guess what Felix just did?" Isaiah explained that Felix had bitten him on the stomach (Felix can be a bit of a piranah from time to time) so Isaiah had moved him away and ignored him for a while. After a few minutes, Isaiah said, "Say sorry Felix." Felix made a sound and then held out his arms to Isaiah and gave him a big cuddle. Felix obviously realised that he had done the wrong thing and was trying to apologise. Isaiah was so excited, telling us that Felix had said sorry to him. Too cute!

Felix has taken over the house!
Felix is starting to mimic the actions to songs we sing together. This week he has learned to do the diamond in 'twinkle twinkle' (well, the bottom of the diamond, but we know what he's doing!) He loves the song 'Rock a bye your bear' by the Wiggles. Today in the part that says, "Bear's now asleep..", he was covering his sweet!

He loves music and will go and stand in front of his CD player and bounce up and down until I turn it on. Sometimes I will peek around the corner and watch him dancing. He will start to smile at the CD player and giggle when his favourite songs come on. He has the most precious smile and it's so infectious!

Climbing down the ladder
In the past couple of days, Felix has learned to climb back down the ladder on his little playground. We still have to supervise him as he sometimes leans back too far and comes toppling down, but his coordination is improving every day and his determination to succeed is incredibly strong. I think we'll be having to get extra locks on the doors at some stage because I have a feeling he will be looking for adventure when he's a little bit older.

Learning to balance on the spiky pillow
We borrowed a spiky pillow from early intervention to use over the next couple of weeks. Felix has already perfected balancing on it. It amazes me how, even though he has hypotonia (poor muscle tone), he can be so strong. He is still very floppy in the neck when I lift him out of his cot or out of the carseat, but he shows so much core strength when he balances on the pillow.

I need to go to bed!
Felix was ready for bed earlier than usual tonight. He has had a busy day. It's a hard job playing all day when you're 18 months old. I couldn't help but laugh when he was pouting with his bottom lip out. I might be biased, but even when he's grumpy I swear he gets cuter and cuter every day!

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