Friday, 20 April 2012

Life is a Rollercoaster

My Angel
Felix wakes up at about 5am, so I usually start the morning by checking Facebook while he has a bit of a play on the floor (and dresses up in our clothes- it was Daddy's hat this morning). Since having Felix, I have found the Down Syndrome groups I'm a member of on Facebook to be a lifeline for me. It is a way we, as parents of children with Down Syndrome, can share our highs and lows with each other and ask for advice if we need it. It's also a place to share so  many beautiful photos of our precious kids! It's strange how close I feel to these other parents even though some of them live on the other side of the world. We really are like a family, and literally laugh and cry with each other.

Looks like he was caught doing something  naughty
Today has been a day of mixed emotions for me. As I checked Facebook this morning I saw that one of my friends who has gone through an incredibly long adoption process, has finally had the adoption of her new daughter (who has Down Syndrome) approved. She is officially part of the family! I was so excited for her because I know it has been an emotional time for her and her family. To be able to finally hold that little girl in her arms must have been the most amazing feeling ever! This beautiful little girl will now be able to start a new life, out of an adult orphanage, and home with a family who fell in love with her even before they met her.

Sadly, I also found out that another friend, who has a teenage daughter, with Down Syndrome and many other health issues, has been told that her daughter's prognosis is not good. Her health is failing and she has deteriorated to the point where they have no option now but to make her as comfortable as possible. I have never met this girl, but tears ran down my face as I read of her Mum's love for her. I have always loved looking at photos of her and hearing about her brave fight for life. Her family are incredible!

Love how he uses his finger
The last thing I read this morning was a post by a friend who lost her beautiful baby girl several months ago due to ongoing heart problems. She is struggling to come to terms with losing her daughter and only child. She is still actively involved in the Down Syndrome Community and is a wonderful support to others who are raising children with Down Syndrome. She will be 'one of us' forever. Once your life has been touched by someone with Down Syndrome it will never be the same again.

By the time I left the house this morning, I felt like I'd been on a rollercoaster of emotion. I had a thumping headache since the night before but I had to go and have a blood test and get organised for Aaron's birthday party. I really wanted to crawl back into bed and start again tomorrow, but it was time to soldier on!

I hadn't counted on my little 'happy pill', Felix. He was in the best mood this morning. When we were sitting, waiting for my blood test, he was entertaining the whole room. There was not one single person who didn't get a huge beaming smile from him. He kept crawling across the room, and would look back wanting me to chase him. When I grabbed him and picked him up he did the biggest belly laughs which made all the people waiting there smile.

After my blood test, Felix and I went to the supermarket to grab some party things and Felix continued with his laughing and smiling. In fact, he was approached by two different ladies who couldn't help but stop and talk to him. Both of them said to Felix, "You have made my day!" Despite my headache, my mood was lifted completely. Felix brings so much joy with him wherever he goes. I thought about some of my friends who are facing so much pain and tragedy and it was a reminder again of how blessed I am.


  1. Loved reading your blog, very uplifting...and it brought a smile to my face as well.

  2. Flex is such an awesome little guy! We love him. :)

    You guys are doing such a great job. Keep up the awesome work. You should be proud. :)

    1. Thank you! We are SO proud! Every day I am thankful for the gift that is Felix. I know you feel the same about Noah :)