Sunday, 29 April 2012


Sneaking up to grab Daddy's nose
I woke to some beautiful news this morning. Someone I met through my blog; the lovely Ashley and her husband, Barry, welcomed their precious little man, Eli, into the world while we were sleeping last night. Ashley found my blog while she was doing some research about Down Syndrome.  She received a pre-natal diagnosis that Eli had an extra chromosome and, like Nathan and I, wanted to learn as much as possible before he was born. Eli is Ashley and Barry's first child and they are absolutely overjoyed to finally meet him; their perfect little bundle. I have no doubt that Eli will enrich their lives more than they ever thought possible. Congratulations to them both from our family to theirs!   If you would like to read Ashley's story, you will find her blog at

Noah looking super cute
It has been a busy few days since Noah's birth, visiting the hospital and preparing for him to come home. The day has finally arrived and the little guy is home. Joel and Mel are relieved to finally be out of hospital and back in their own room. So far Noah has given them lots of sleep and they are feeling refreshed and happy. He is a beautiful, settled baby.

Felix enjoyed having a good look at Noah today. He was very gentle and sat stroking his arms and patting him on the bottom. He had lots of huge smiles and made sure everyone was still giving him lots of attention even though there's a new baby in the house. Hopefully he will adjust quickly to having to share the spotlight with another very cute little person.

Not too sure...
(I just had a short break from writing this and took Felix to watch Noah getting his nappy changed. It was hilarious! Noah was crying a little bit, just quietly, and Felix dropped his bottom lip and looked quite concerned, but a little bit scared too. After Noah had a clean nappy I put him on Felix's lap to see what Felix would do. He looked horrified and pushed him away! Babies are obviously a bit frightening when you've never seen one before. Hahahaha!)

Does it bite?
Felix is getting more and more confident walking if we hold him by the hands. Sometimes he will move his feet too quickly and will be a bit unsteady. Today he was walking nice and steadily, so I let go of one of his hands. He took a couple more steps before he looked up at me and then sat himself down. He looked a bit unimpressed that I had let go but I think, with a bit more confidence, he will increase how far he can walk sooner than I thought he would. So proud of little 'Uncle' Felix!

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