Friday, 27 April 2012

Welcome to the World

I can't even begin to express the emotions I'm feeling right now! I'm a Granny!! Our precious first Grandchild, Noah Zechariah, was born last night. He is healthy and strong and seriously, one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen in my life. My Mum once tried to explain to me what it's like to be a Grandparent compared to a parent. I thought I understood what she was saying, but I didn't until now. I have an overwhelming feeling of love for this new little addition to the family mixed in with so much pride for our son and his girlfriend. Being a parent is the most amazing thing in the world. Being a Grandparent enhances the love you have for your children tenfold. I'm looking forward to watching Noah grow and learn through a Granny's eyes!

Noah with his proud Mummy and Daddy
Felix hasn't met Noah yet, but I showed him a photo and told him all about him. Once Mel has caught up on some sleep and is feeling more rested, we'll introduce them to each other. It will be nice for Felix to have to share the spotlight and learn to play well with another little one. As they grow, I'm sure Noah and 'Uncle' Felix will be great friends.

Felix can teach Noah crazy faces!
Joel and I were talking this morning about how Noah will probably pick up sign language really quickly because we use it with Felix. Joel is planning on learning to sign along with Noah. I'm looking forward to watching Felix teach Noah lots of things while they are small, then Felix learning from Noah as they grow older. I think Felix will benefit from spending lots of time with Noah. He will push himself to try and do the things Noah can do. Noah will be a wonderful teacher to him.

One thing which really makes me happy is that Noah will never know a life without someone with Down Syndrome in it. He will think it is perfectly normal to have a person with Down Syndrome in his life. He will know from an early age that Felix learns things more slowly than he does, but it will not seem weird to him. He will want to help Felix learn new things and will be proud of him when he does. He will grow up with an acceptance and a love for people with Down Syndrome. What a beautiful gift!

Proud Granny and Pops
So begins a new chapter in our family's life. We welcome our new Son, Grandson and Nephew, who has already melted our hearts and made us all fall totally in love with him. Congratulations Mel and Joel. We love you and are incredibly proud of both of you x x x


  1. congrats on being and grandparent. Felix will learn so much and so well noah they will both be able to teach things to each other

    1. Thank you :) They will be awesome little buddies x x x

  2. What kind of signing does Felix do? Auslan?

    1. Yes, we do Auslan key signing. We use to find the new words we want to learn. We just choose a few at a time :)