Monday, 30 April 2012

My cheeky monkey

Making a mess and loving it
I've mentioned before that every morning, Felix opens our drawers and chooses an item of clothing. He then sits in front of the mirror trying it on and admiring his sense of style (Daddy's underwear, bikini bottoms, a hat etc). This morning he tried something new. He removed nearly all the clothes from the drawer and climbed inside it and tried on some clothes while he was sitting there. He looked very proud of himself with clothes dangling off him everywhere. Such a funny little guy!

After that he 'helped' me fold some washing. I rolled up heaps of pairs of socks and then we played a game where we had to throw the socks back into the washing basket. He did really well. If one of the sock rolls didn't make it into the basket, he would reach forward and pick it up and then try again until he got it in. His persistence never ceases to amaze me.

This morning was Noah's appointment for his newborn check-up. The appointment was fairly early so I thought I would keep Felix up and not put him down for his morning sleep until we got back (not realising the Doctor would be running 2 1/2 hours behind  schedule).

Cheeky monkey!
Being the amazing little man he is, Felix was as happy as always even though he was tired. He drove everyone mad, I'm sure, playing with his toy cars and crashing them on the tiled floor. Next time I'll try and remember to take soft toys!  He had smiles for everyone and waved goodbye to a couple of patients as they left the Doctor's Surgery. I can't believe he stayed awake for as long as he did.

On the way home, Noah was crying in his car seat which is right next to Felix's. I don't think he appreciated being stripped naked by the Doctor on this cold day. The one sound which has always bothered Felix has been babies or children crying. I think it's because it is quite loud and high pitched and his ear canals are more narrow than regular kids. His bottom lip dropped and he was looking very worried.  Luckily the drive home was only short or I think we may have had two babies crying in the back seat.

Going, going....Gone!
Felix was well and truly ready for bed when we got home but he hadn't had lunch yet. I put him in his high chair and he quickly ate a banana without stopping for a breath. Then I gave him a rice cake and halfway through it his eyes started to get heavy. His head started to fall forward, then he'd lift it back up again and take another bite of his food. This happened over and over until finally he couldn't keep his eyes open a second longer and he was sound asleep (rice cake still in his hand). He rarely goes to sleep in my arms any more so I enjoyed the chance to give him some sleepy snuggles before I put him in his cot. Can't explain how much I love that kid :)

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