Monday, 23 April 2012

Tired but happy

Our precious family
Rear: Isaiah, Amy, Joel's girlfriend Mel, Joel, Daniel, Daniel's girlfriend Cate, Bekah
Front: Nathan, Felix, Me, Aaron and Joshua
And the exhaustion continues....

After a day's break, our poor Mel started contracting heavily again! We stayed home for as long as she could stand it, but had to take her up to the hospital again late last night. She has been through so much already and is so sick of hospitals, but as yet, there is no sign of baby! She has a fever and is generally feeling extremely tired, but is doing a great job. If 'breathing' were a competition, she would win first prize right now! Joel is being such a good support; I am so proud of him! I hope, for both of them, that baby will arrive soon.

Our 8 babies...such a good looking bunch!
Meanwhile, we have enjoyed having all the kids here for a couple of days. The girls had to return home to Adelaide today for work and study, but I know Joel and Mel really enjoyed having their support. We had a family dinner with every single one of them here last night and got some very rare photos of all of us together (in between Mel's contractions). I treasure these photos, especially as Felix is so much younger than the other kids and doesn't see all of them often. I want him to have as many memories of him and all of his siblings together as he can.

Cuddles with the kids
Felix couldn't be happier at the moment. He's enjoying being spoilt by his brothers and sisters. After Nathan and I got up this morning, our bed was taken over by Amy, Joshua, Aaron and Felix. Felix pulled all his most hilarious faces as he jumped all over the kids and had their full attention. At lunch time, Daniel and Cate sat on the floor and sang Wiggles songs with him and did all the actions. When you're an 18 month old, you couldn't ask for more than the attention of all 7 siblings!

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