Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fun Times

They suddenly stopped singing when I pulled out the camera
Love those kids

Have I already written about how amazing our kids are?? Ha ha! I know I have said it plenty, but I really do love our kids!

I could hear a song by The Wiggles being belted out in the lounge room today. Curious, I looked into the room to see Isaiah and Aaron (nearly 14 & 12) sitting on either side of Felix, singing at the top of their lungs. He was loving it! He had his CD player on and two of his big brothers there to sing and dance with him. What could be better? The smile on his face said it all!  About 20 minutes later I caught Isaiah still singing to The Wiggles, while he was on the computer, unaware that Felix was no longer in the room. Oops!

So good, I need to lick the plate clean!
Goodbye breastfeeding

A couple of days ago I weaned Felix from his very last breastfeed. It was a bit of an emotional day for me because I know he's my last baby and I've always loved breastfeeding. At the same time, it was a bit of a relief. Feeding babies with Down Syndrome can be a little bit tricky as the roof of their mouth can be higher and their tongues larger. Some have trouble using the correct sucking motion. Felix always tended to 'chew' as he sucked, which was bearable when he had no teeth, but sometimes quite painful once he got them. I always loved that time with him, though, and was sad to stop. He was quite happy to just have cuddles and a play the next morning instead and hasn't looked for it since. I think 18+ months was a pretty decent effort all things considered!

Time to get clean

Felix is going to be an Uncle in just over 2 weeks and because Joel and Mel are living with us at the moment, we have been getting the house ready for another baby. Felix has tested out the new cot and had a look at the new pram. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of another baby in the house. Yesterday he sat on the bed and touched Mel's belly, then he picked up my hand and put it there to feel the baby. It was so cute! He then proceeded to pull down her shirt and try and put his head down her top. Poor Mel! Maybe he figured since Mum wasn't feeding him any more he needed to look elsewhere?

Fun night

Tonight was day 2 of Felix feeding himself his dinner. He is doing really well at getting food onto his little fork and navigating it to his mouth, although tonight he was so hungry he picked up most of it with his hands. The result was a huge mess, but he was happy and he ate a lot which was great. For the next few weeks I have a feeling that bath time will quickly follow dinner time!

All clean again
Our daughter, Bekah (19), arrived tonight to stay for a few days. She travelled up with a friend of ours and, apart from hitting a kangaroo on the road, they got here safely; thankfully with no damage to the car. Felix's little face lit up when he saw her walk through the door tonight. She is looking forward to lots of 'Felix time' while she is here. Bekah always does lots of singing with him so he'll be loving that. I really miss our big kids who are no longer at home, so cherish the time I get with them. Felix is one very lucky little boy to have so many siblings to watch out for him.

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