Thursday, 5 April 2012

Happy Easter

Making Music
Felix had a home visit from his Occupational Therapist this morning. He loved having an extra adult in the house to play with him and give him lots of extra attention. He showed her how he can climb the stairs on his playground and roll the ball backwards and forwards. He took some blocks out of a box and then showed her how he could put them back in. She was very impressed with the concentration he had for each activity and said that he is exactly where he should be with his development. She could definitely see that having so much stimulation from such a large family was really beneficial to Felix. It made me proud once again of the kids and how much time they put in with Felix.

In the afternoon we went to our regular playgroup session. Today Felix helped make an Easter basket and enjoyed going on his very first Easter egg hunt. He was so excited when he found an egg it went in his mouth foil and all! I had the risky job of putting my finger in with those sharp teeth and pulling it out. 

Felix and Reuben
It was beautiful watching Felix interact with the other children at playgroup. He especially liked playing with a little boy named Reuben today. They both played on the xylophones together for ages making lots of very loud music together. When Reuben headed off to do something else, Felix followed closely behind. I really see the benefit of Felix being integrated with other 'regular' children, because it is so obvious how much he wants to do exactly what they are doing. He watched a little boy climb onto the table today and I could see him trying so hard to get up there too. It's such a positive motivation for him.

There were some new Mums there today and it was really wonderful to have them ask me questions about Felix and about Down Syndrome. They were all so lovely with him and were genuinely     interested in hearing about him and all the things he could do. We were all marvelling at how tiny he is compared to the other children his age. They have all overtaken him and the new babies are all catching up. He's going to be our little Peter Pan; a gorgeous little guy in a small package!

Felix and Jacob Easter 2011
Felix and Jacob Easter 2012
Today marks 12 months since Felix met Jacob, his other little buddy with Down Syndrome. Jacob was dressed in a bunny suit a year ago and I took a photo of the two of them together the day they met. A year later and  Jacob's Mum dressed him in the same outfit for another photo. How they both have grown. Jacob has gone from being a very weak, sick baby (one of the 50% of children with DS who have a heart condition), to a strong and healthy little boy. It's wonderful to see how far both of our boys have come.

Big kisses from Felix this Easter x x x
My family and I wish all of you a very happy and safe Easter weekend. Make sure you take some time to enjoy those dearest to you x x x 

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