Monday, 16 April 2012

Just What I Needed

Learning to feed himself
I took Felix with me to the supermarket to do the food shopping this afternoon. He loves sitting in the little seat in the trolley and looking around at all the colours and sounds. He especially loves all the different people we see there. By the time I'm finished our shopping, the trolley is full because of our large family. Felix has discovered it's pretty funny to take things from the top of the pile and drop them on the floor! I always rush the last couple of aisles so he doesn't have the chance to throw everything out of the trolley. Crazy kid.

Feeling encouraged

I had one of those moments at the shop today which was really encouraging to me. A lady I had never seen before came over to Felix and started smiling at him and talking to him. She told me how gorgeous she thought he was and he responded by giving her the biggest grins and 'talking' back to her. It was really special. She didn't say anything about him having Down Syndrome. She just told me he had a beautiful smile and was so clever when he was waving to her. It really meant a lot!

I can't speak highly enough of people who take the time to come and speak to Felix or give me a smile. It really does mean so much. I know I've said it before, but I really encourage all of you to be the people willing to go out of your way to show people like me that you care. It is SO awesome to know that you think my child is beautiful and worthwhile. Today was a day when I really needed it too, which made this lady's comments extra special.

Loving being outside
A precious new life

Speaking of beautiful....  Someone I know is in the late stages of her very first pregnancy. She is only in her 20's and had a hard time getting pregnant. She had to go through the rigors of IVF before finally finding out she was having a baby. Earlier in her pregnancy, she found out that her precious, and much yearned for baby boy, has Down Syndrome. She hasn't allowed his diagnosis to crush her. Instead, she is excited to talk about him and educate others and has the most precious, overwhelming love, for this little life.

I enjoyed looking at some amazing 4D ultrasound photos of her son today. They are incredibly clear and his face is just adorable. They reminded me so much of Felix's little face when he was tiny. I am so looking forward to sharing her new, incredible journey!

Spaghetti Monster
Felix's new trick of today?

Felix decided tonight, for the very first time, that he didn't want me to spoon feed him any of his food. He wanted to do it entirely on his own. Every time I spooned some into his mouth, he spat it out; but when he spooned it in he ate it. I was very proud of how well he was able to get some of the food onto his little fork and put it in his mouth.

Of course, he picked the night when I served him spaghetti to try his new talent! Needless to say, it was incredibly messy, but perfect for camera-happy Mummy!!

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