Saturday, 20 April 2013

Three Hundred!

Not feeling the greatest
It's hard to believe this is my 300th blog! I mean, I know I can talk a lot (just ask any of my old school teachers) but, when I started blogging last year, I didn't think I would have enough to write about to get to twenty blogs, let alone three hundred! One thing I did know....I would never run out of photos!! Poor Felix is still the most photographed two year old going around.

Cuddles with Joshua
Our little guy has really struggled to get back to full health since his hospital stay, with croup, last week. Although the Doctor was happy with him on Monday, he has progressively gone down hill again over the past few days. Even though he still has a smile on his face and is as busy as ever, he is really congested and his nose is getting more and more revolting. Early hours of this morning (about 2.30am), Felix started coughing and by 3.30am it was sounding like croup again. He woke himself up because he was coughing so hard. I went into his room and he threw himself into my arms and held on tight for a long cuddle and then reached out to lay back down again. The coughing eased up, after a while, and he settled back to sleep.

It's now 9.30pm on Saturday night and Felix has just started coughing again. His voice was sounding really husky before he went to bed, so I knew what to expect a few hours after he went to sleep. I have packed a 'go bag' and put it by the front door so I remember to take everything he needs, in case he gets admitted to hospital again during the night. Hopefully, he'll stay settled and be OK, but I'm not feeling too confident right now.
6 out of 7 of our boys

Felix has had a fun few days. Two of our older boys have come to visit, so he has been in his element playing with them and having lots of extra attention. Joshua (16), is on school holidays at the moment. He is studying year 12 in the city, and has been working extremely hard, so we thought it would be good for him to have a break, for a few days, and come up for a visit. Felix hasn't seen him for a couple of months, but by his reaction, it was like it was just yesterday. It was beautiful to watch the reunion between the two of them. Joel, his girlfriend Mel, and our gorgeous Grandson, Noah, have also been up for a visit. They are going to have Noah's first birthday here in town, because most of Noah's little friends are here, as are all of Mel's family. We are looking forward to celebrating with him next weekend. Felix has enjoyed having his little nephew here to play with. They get on so well these days; it's so precious.
Hmmm... don't think he looks too worried about being in trouble!

Felix was being naughty, this afternoon, and hitting the front of the TV with his hand. I have been starting to put him in his room, for about 30 seconds, if he won't stop it. It seems to do the trick and he doesn't go back and do it again. Today, I was having a lay down when Felix started hitting the TV. Nathan didn't want to put him in his bedroom, because he would cry and it would disturb me through the baby monitor. Instead, he and Aaron thought it would be funny to put Felix into one of our glass front cupboards instead. I could hear them laughing and later, I saw the photographic evidence. Felix was inside the cupboard, with the biggest smile on his face, with Aaron laughing back at him. I guess you could say, I'm the disciplinarian of the family!

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