Sunday, 28 April 2013

Party Time

Watching the other kids
We had a beautiful afternoon, yesterday, celebrating Noah's first birthday party. I still can't believe he's already a year old! Being a Granny is so different to being a parent. I'm finding myself doing all the things which horrified me when I saw other Grandparent's doing them, like giving Noah chocolate. It's like an out-of-body experience being a Granny; I'm doing things I never would have done when Felix was a baby. Oops! I apologised to Joel and Mel the other day and promised Noah will never be given chocolate without their permission ever again (when they are looking... haha!)

Lots of  fun  
Noah's party went really well. Joel and Mel had booked the Kindergym, which is a fantastic venue for a birthday party for little ones. Noah invited a few of his friends, and Uncle Felix (of course), to come and play for a couple of hours. Felix has been cooped up so much over the past couple of weeks, because of sickness, so it was so good to see him exerting his pent up energy. He loves going to Kindergym and, being a nice, small group of kids at the party, he enjoyed it even more. He climbed things, went through tunnels and practiced his balancing. I'm amazed at how much more coordinated he has become over the last few months. He is able to walk across extremely soft surfaces really easily and navigates steps, and changes in the level of the floor, without any problems at all. He definitely has this whole walking thing completely worked out!

Trampolining champion
Felix still loves the huge gymnastic sized trampoline. Now that he is learning how to jump (still the funniest thing I have ever seen, with only one leg actually lifting off the ground), he is trying his new skill on the trampoline. I love watching him half skip, half jump his way across the trampoline. He thinks he's the most clever boy on earth and I'm sure he feels like he's jumping sky high. We have only ever had an old style trampoline at home, with no pads and no net around the sides, so it's never been suitable for Felix to bounce on; I've always worried I'd lose him through the springs. Recently, we gave that one away and bought a small round one, with pads and a net. It hasn't been put together yet, but I have no doubt Felix will spend a lot of time on it when he gets the chance.

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