Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Croup Again

Only the cool kids can wear two hats at a time
I currently have my ear glued to the baby monitor, listening to Felix's cough sound like it's becoming a bit croupy; I have a feeling we may end up at the hospital sometime tonight. Felix tends to go from a slight runny nose, to full blown croup within minutes sometimes. He hasn't had it for a while, thankfully, but yesterday afternoon when his nose started running and he wasn't quite himself, I had a feeling we either had another ear infection, or croup heading our way. Usually we use a vaporiser, in Felix's room, which keeps the air at room temperature but, last night, I got our old one out of the cupboard which gets his room all steamy and warm. I added eucalyptus to the water to try and clear his nose and chest, but he woke up this morning still very stuffy. Fingers crossed, he gets better and not worse.
Coffee face

I had to do the food shopping today so I headed off, wondering how Felix was going to cope with it. He seemed a bit tired and obviously not feeling the best. Usually he tries to climb out of the trolley, or he wants to walk and 'help' get things off the shelves, but today he was happy to just sit. He still pointed and waved to the other shoppers, but he was missing his smile and the light in his eyes today. By the time we got home, he was ready for a quick snack (he has to be really, really sick to stop eating), and then I put him to bed. I thought he would go straight to sleep, but I could hear "Oo, oo, oo, ah, ah, ah" through the monitor for a while. I guessed that he was playing with his little plastic monkey. When he woke up a while later, I found the monkey sitting up the top of a plastic jungle tree. I think I heard correctly!

Despite not feeling the best, Felix was still a monkey today, getting up to all his clever little tricks. This afternoon I could hear some clanging and thought he was playing with his little toy saucepans. After a while, I could hear him making a noise, kind of like calling out to me. I went to investigate and found that I had accidentally left the kitchen door open. There he was, sitting in his high chair; the metal jug and attachments from the coffee maker on the floor (hence the clanging), and coffee granules stuck to his face. He looked straight at me, as I walked in the room, and said (and signed), "eat!"  It was so funny, I had to shout out for Isaiah to come and have a look as well.
I climbed in here all by myself!

When I was cooking dinner tonight, Felix was very contentedly playing in the lounge room. I had a peek around the corner to watch him play for a while. He was spoon feeding his panda bear (fairly forcibly, I might add). Poor panda was obviously in the bad books! When he'd finished feeding the panda, Felix did some 'cooking' with his toy vegetables and fruit. He has a lettuce with the leaves attached by velcro, which he peeled off to make a salad (in the teapot). Other fruit and vegies were also added to the teapot and then eaten with a spoon. It looked delicious!

Well, I'm going to attempt to have an early night. I'm really hoping that I won't have to wake up before the morning but, with Felix's cough sounding the way it does at the moment, I have a feeling that I'll be burning the midnight oil!

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