Friday, 5 April 2013

First ride

His first ride in a teacup

I was pretty excited today when I went to the letterbox and found the final copy of the DVD, on companionable learning, that Felix and I were filmed as part of. I was a bit worried about how I would come across in my interview, being so nervous on the day, but it all came together really well. Felix, of course, look adorable (even with giant mosquito bites on his cheek). There were several families, who took part, and it has been put together beautifully, stressing the importance of companions (parents, friends, teachers, pets..), on children's learning. I hope it will be a valuable resource to all who see it.

Felix has been his usual busy self today. I had to go over to the shops this morning, and he insisted on walking, instead of being carried. Part way across the mall, I let him sit on one of those coin operated rides because he likes to climb on them, and touch the buttons and steering wheels. He always says, "Ooooh" and points toward them. Until now, I have never put money in one of them because he was happy to just sit on them. This morning, I decided to see what his reaction would be if I put a coin in to make it move. I actually thought he would freak out and try to climb down. Instead, he sat there with a huge smile on his face, loving every second. When it finally stopped, he signed, "help...again". I think I have probably created a monster...I'm sure he won't be satisfied with a stationary ride any more. Better start collecting some coins.
Loving the clowns at the fair

When we got home, he said (and signed), "eat", very emphatically! I still laugh at him saying and signing it at the same time. It seems so much more desperate...poor starving boy! I made him a plate of food and spread out his mat on the floor. He watches Playschool while he eats his lunch. It makes it much easier for me. If I put him in his high chair I have to stay close by because he tries to climb out, and because he takes SO long to eat, it's not really practical. There is only so much I can do in the kitchen while I'm waiting for him to finish. I've found that a picnic rug in front of his favourite show (just for lunch time), works a treat. He sits perfectly still, slowly making his way through his lunch. The last few days I have noticed that during the introduction to the DVD, they say A..B..C. Felix listens to the voice say A, and then he says B at exactly the right time. It's only something small, but anything resembling a word, or letter recognition, is so exciting for us.
Nothing cuter than when this little face pops up at the
end of the bed!

Felix has been waking up super early again, the last few mornings. The weather has cooled down a lot, so I'm wondering if he has been getting cold in the early hours. He never keeps his bed covers on, and he pulls his socks off his feet. Tonight I've put a onesie, with feet in it, on him so hopefully he'll stay nice and snug and have a sleep in. He has got really tired, during the day, because he's been up so early, but he's still been fighting his day sleep. Yesterday, he refused to sleep and managed to get the lid off his nappy box and had nappies and baby wipes all over his room. He also knocked over another two boxes, containing all his paints, crayons etc. I'm so glad they are sealed well and he couldn't get the lids off them. I can only imagine the mischief he would have got into. Today, I removed all the offending boxes (just in case), and he finally fell asleep after an hour.

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