Sunday, 7 April 2013

Daylight Saving with a Toddler....Aaaagh!

Waking up to this face is awesome!
I'm not going to complain about daylight saving ending, but I think it would be really great if toddlers could have their body clocks turned back in the same way as every other device in the house. A few days ago, Felix decided to start waking up really early again, which meant that this morning (the end of daylight saving) we were up with the birds, instead of enjoying our extra hour of sleep! Good thing he's so happy and smiley in the mornings; it makes the early start not so bad. He refused to have a day time sleep today, even though he was a bit grumpy and really needed one, and we kept him up until 7pm (8pm by his body clock), so hopefully he'll wake up a little bit later tomorrow morning. Mummy needs a bit of a sleep in!

Felix has enjoyed lots of singing today, complete with all the actions. His latest favourite song is, 'Heads and Shoulders, Knees and Toes'. He stands up and very enthusiastically puts his hands on his head, then his shoulders, then his knees and his toes. He's getting quite good at 'Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose' as well, although he sometimes still gets them a little bit mixed up. He definitely has the right idea, even if he almost pokes himself in the eye, and actually puts his finger in his mouth. He looks so completely adorable when he does it that I can't help but giggle.
Bathing with Nemo is so much fun!

It was such a beautiful day today, so Felix and I went and sat outside and played in the sandpit for a while. I love watching the development of his play as he gets older. Today we made footprints with his dinosaur toys. I showed Felix how to walk his dinosaurs across the sand to leave their footprints behind. He caught on very quickly and was soon picking up different dinosaurs to see what their footprints would look like in the sand. After we had made lots of dinosaur footprints, we made some Felix footprints and handprints as well. I had to take a photo of his perfect little footprint. You could even see all the little wrinkles on the soles of his cute! Unfortunately, the big gap (Sandal gap) between his big toe and the next, didn't show up because he squished his toes together.

Something which has really amazed me, recently, is the way Felix has been able to recall the animal signs, I taught him months ago, which he has never used before and I haven't used for ages either. All of a sudden, yesterday, he was signing zebra, goat, lion and giraffe (even speaking the 'affe' sound), when we were looking at books together. He takes my breath away sometimes. He obviously has a huge wealth of knowledge up in that cute little head of his. He must store it away until such a time as when he decides to use it. It was so much fun watching him reel off so many different signs as we looked through the pictures. He has a huge repertoire of animals in his signing vocabulary now. He makes me proud every day!

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