Monday, 15 April 2013

Ten Kilo's. Double Digits!

Too cute
Felix had his follow up appointment today, from when he was in hospital. The Doctor wanted to check that he was still improving, and have a quick listen to his chest. I made the appointment for 3pm, so that Felix could go to bed at lunch time, have a nice long sleep, and be refreshed to go and see the Doctor in the afternoon. Well...that backfired on me. He didn't fall asleep until 1.45pm, so I had to wake him up to put him in the car for the appointment. I hate waking him up, especially when he's been sick. He dozed a bit more once we got there, but soon woke up with bunches of energy. I spent all my time, in the waiting room, chasing Felix as he tried to escape through the automatic doors, or attempted to run into one of the other offices, giggling the whole time. He kept the other patients, in the waiting room, entertained.

Inside his sheet fort in hospital
Our visit was short and sweet. Felix's chest sounded clear and his throat looked good; it was pretty red the night he was admitted to hospital. There was a student Doctor there for Felix's appointment (she also visited him when he was in hospital), along with our regular GP. The second we walked into the office, she said, "He's so cute!" I could still hear her talking about him to our Doctor as we were leaving. He certainly charmed her in no time! After Felix had his check up, he walked over to the scale and stood on it. I decided to have a look to see what he weighed and I couldn't believe it. He weighs 10kg (22lbs)!! After taking well over 2 years to get to 9kg, he has put on a kilo in a month, which is fantastic! A few people have told me they thought he looked taller, so that must be where the weight has gone; he certainly hasn't gone up a clothes size yet. Our little boy is growing up!
Well, I had to pull them all down to find this one!

The little guy loves reading. While I'm having my breakfast, showering and getting ready for the day, he often sits on his little couch, or on the floor in front of the bookcase and does some reading. Sometimes he gets a little bit enthusiastic when he's choosing his book, and ends up with half of them on the floor. This morning, I got out of the shower and found him happily sitting, buried in books, reading one of his favourites. He was really enjoying the peace and quiet of the morning.

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