Saturday, 13 April 2013

A Sister's Love

Being silly with Bekah
Felix is much better today. He is still very tired, and not quite back to his busy little self, but he is definitely getting there. We have enjoyed a nice, quiet, lazy day at home today to give him a chance to rest and heal. He has still managed to keep us entertained by his antics. He makes every day so beautiful!

A while ago, our son Isaiah (now 14), was a 'guest blogger' here and wrote about his feelings towards Felix. Today, our daughter, Bekah (20), has written a letter; partly to Felix and partly to you, the readers of my blog. She gave me permission to rewrite it here. These are her words....

Felix Sawyer.... My perfect little man; you make my heart sing. You truly are a miracle. It's funny, people say kids with Down Syndrome have a 'lowered quality of life', but I look at you and all I see is happiness and joy.
Webcam selfies

Where do I even start? I remember first being told about you by Mum and Dad; there was nothing but joy! I remember finding out about your 'differently ableness'; still nothing but joy! Know that you were never a burden; always a joy, a miracle.

First cuddles
When Mum had Felix it changed our lives, in nothing but good ways; for me especially. Every day Felix teaches us how to take life as it comes, to smile at the little things, to love one another unconditionally and to just appreciate life. Things haven't always been easy for me. Life has been a real struggle sometimes. I have suffered from depression in the past; sometimes I still do, but looking at Felix...just knowing he is there, makes it so much easier.

Kids like Felix are not a hindrance, not a problem to society; they are like a healing balm. In a world so materialistic and selfish, to have these beautiful, loving people who love without a thought, and always make you smile and treasure every moment,  is a gift! It's not something to be feared or loathed. My little brother, a  child of two years old, with his cheeky smile and loving nature, helped me, saved me. He brought light into my life and adds a little more every time I see him. He is the greatest gift. He binds our family together, stronger than ever. He is our miracle.
At Bekah's pirate party
for her 18th

If you know someone with Down Syndrome, or next time you see someone with this 'disability' around, take a moment to get to know them. They are nothing to be afraid of. They have personalities, like the rest of us. They have their own fashion sense, their own humour, and an air of kindness and appreciation that is so rare to find in this day and age. They are just like you and I; maybe even a little better!
So much love

This is how I feel about our precious Felix. This is what I want everyone else to know. He didn't make our lives worse, he made them better, and he continues to do so every day. Even sitting with him in the hospital, when he had croup, he didn't fail to make me smile. As sick and tired as he was, he still took took a moment to make us laugh, and to cuddle and kiss Mum and I. He delights in making the people he loves happy. Our happiness is his happiness, and I've adopted this attitude and have applied it to my own life. I can't thank Felix enough for his gift of joy.

I love you so much little man. Thank you for being you. I couldn't be prouder to be your big sister.

Love, Bekah x x x