Friday, 26 April 2013

Learning and Teaching

Uncle Felix and his nephew, Noah
I had just pulled my nice, clean sheets out of the dryer, last night, and was about to make my bed but I couldn't, because I had two gorgeous little boys sitting on it. I was watching Noah while Mel and Joel went to the shop, and he and Felix were playing with the ipad together up on the bed. Felix had been a bit wary of Noah, earlier in the day, so to watch him 'teach' Noah how to work the ipad was adorable. At one point, Felix picked up Noah's hand and helped him touch different things on the screen. Noah caught on really quickly and it was beautiful to watch them playing together.

Earlier today, Felix was playing with his ball. He has got really good at throwing accurately at a distance of about a metre and a half, which is fantastic. If there are two people playing with him, he will be really sneaky and look at one of us, with a grin, but feign the pass and then throw it to the other person. He thinks he's pretty clever. He still hasn't had much success with learning to catch a ball yet. I think we'll be working on that for quite a while before he develops the coordination but, in the meantime, we'll continue to encourage the throwing and kicking.
Teaching Noah about the ipad

Yesterday, Felix just wanted to be outside. He kept signing 'outside' over and over again before he talked me into putting my shoes on and taking him for a walk. We went out the front door and I decided to follow him wherever he decided to go. He walked up the street, stopping to touch some plants and look up into the trees at the birds. He walked down one of our neighbour's driveways to have a look at their boat in the front yard, and stopped at another yard to touch their beautiful green grass (which we don't have at our place).

Birthday boy!
The cutest thing happened when we were walking back towards our house. My best friend, Deb, moved away in January, and since then her house has remained empty. It's right next door to ours, and Felix has missed going over for 'cuppas' in the morning, and a play with Auntie Deb. Yesterday, Felix walked up to the front door, and peered through the glass alongside it and started knocking on the window. When he got no response he went over to the window, on the opposite side, and knocked on that one too. Still nothing, so he banged hard on the door and started 'shouting'. It made me really sad. I had to remind him that Auntie Deb didn't live there any more. I'm not sure if he understood, but he stopped knocking and headed back towards our house.

Today is our Grandson's first birthday. I can't believe it's been a year already! It has been a joy to watch him grow and learn, and to see Joel and Mel really thrive as parents. They have done such a wonderful job with him. Tomorrow he is having a party at the Kindergym. I can't wait to take Felix because he hasn't been out of the house much since he's been sick. He's going to really enjoying being able to climb and play, and jump on the trampoline. It's such a fantastic place for a birthday party. Happy birthday, Noah! We love you so much x x x

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