Sunday, 21 October 2012

Weekend Antics

So cute!
I haven't written about how Felix's toilet training is going, for a while. I used to be able to 'catch him' in time to do his number two's on the toilet because he was so regular but, unfortunately, over the last couple of months he won't do them on there any more. On the positive side, he is signing 'toilet' when he wants to do a wee and when I sit him on the toilet he does a big one every time. I'm encouraged by that because it means  he is listening to his body signal when he needs to go. I also have to remind myself that he has just turned 2 years old and is doing incredibly well to be doing anything on the toilet. I'm looking forward to the weather heating up so he can run around in little jocks instead of nappies. It will make his toilet training so much easier. I bought some awesome underwear for him from eBay. They are made of towelling and have a little bit of extra padding so if he wets himself he won't soak through straight away; saves me cleaning up too many puddles. Some have fire engines on the bottom and the others have a police car. So cute!

Kisses from Chaos
We had a lovely, lazy weekend. Felix was happy to wander around and play with his toys and read some books. Nathan and I sang a lot of songs to him and had fun signing different things. As usual, Mr. Bossy made sure that we were doing the actions to the songs correctly, and signing properly. Nathan made the mistake of only using one hand to sign something instead of the required two. Felix was very quick to rectify the problem by grabbing his other hand and moving it to the right position. Nathan couldn't stop laughing. We were shocked, again, at Felix's memory for signs. He was looking at a book and saw a picture of a spider and signed it straight away. I haven't used that sign for at least 3 months! He remembers them better than we do.

Just Daddy and Felix
Another funny thing Felix has started doing is picking up my container of moisturiser with one hand and then touching his cheeks with his finger. It's his way of telling me he wants me to put some on his face. I open it up and put a tiny bit on each of his cheeks and rub it in; it's so cute. He must have seen me put it on my face so many times that he knows what to do with it. Nothing wrong with a boy taking care of his skin, but if I don't hurry up and get his hair cut soon I'm going to have everyone thinking he's a girl, with his long hair. I was running my fingers through it today and I think I could quite easily get it into a little pony tail. I better book him an appointment with the hairdresser first thing in the morning.

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