Saturday, 6 October 2012

Suspicious Silence

Something I have found a little bit difficult, since having Felix, is the fact that he often doesn't let us know if he is in pain. In talking with other parents, of kids with Down Syndrome, it seems to be a common problem and can result in our children sometimes getting very sick (or having a significant injury), before we, as parents, are aware of it. Felix has had quite a few ear infections since he was born and, unlike our other kids who screamed in pain, the only way we knew he had one was because he had a fever and was extremely sleepy.

Felix sat and watched TV from inside his monster clothes hamper!

A perfect example of this happened yesterday. Felix went really quiet, so I was immediately suspicious. Whenever a two year old goes quiet, you know they're up to no good! Nathan and I went down to the lounge room and found him, face down on the ground, with his head jammed in between the TV cabinet and our big, heavy coffee table. He wasn't moving at all and, for a split second, my heart went into my mouth until I saw that he was still breathing. He hadn't cried at all; in fact, he hadn't made any noise. We quickly pulled him out and he snuggled into us. He had a deep red mark all the way from the top of his head, down one side of his face. It must have hurt, but he never complained. Needless to say, we have been paranoid today and have been checking on him every 5 minutes.

Yesterday afternoon, Felix was playing in his room. We could hear him through the baby monitor, playing with his blocks and generally just crashing around. After a little while it got a bit quiet and then we could hear him quietly saying, "Mum, mum". There was no crying, or any distress in his voice, but I went to see what he was up to anyway.  I walked into his room and started laughing so hard that I could barely call out to Nathan. Felix had turned his monster clothes hamper upside down and put it over his head. The problem was that he was sitting on the lid, so he was actually stuck inside of it. I was still laughing when Nathan came into the room and we lifted it off Felix's head. There was Felix, holding his two favourite stuffed animals, as happy as anything, with a big grin on his face. He wasn't the least bit upset, but obviously knew he was stuck because he was calling me. He's such a funny little man!

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