Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Lots of Fun

Cuddles with his sock cat
We had so much fun at Kindergym this morning. Nathan was able to come with Felix and me, and I could tell that Felix was so excited to have Daddy there. There weren't as many kids there today as they were last week, so Felix seemed a lot more relaxed and happily wandered around. He was still pretty hesitant when other children came close to him, but the other parents are starting to get to know Felix and have been so lovely, encouraging their kids to come and say hello. Felix had his eye on one little girl for quite some time; every time she walked past him he kept looking at her and smiling. It was a bit cute. Her Mum brought her over to introduce her to Felix. He quickly jumped up on Nathan's lap, but then looked back over his shoulder at her and had a little grin. Such a ladies man already!

Felix having fun at Kindergym today
Isaiah and Aaron have just had new beds delivered. They came in flat packs, complete with incorrect instructions and really terrible illustrations. I think building something from a flat pack can either make, or break, a marriage. Thankfully, I have a very patient husband and we managed to construct them without any arguments. Felix loved 'helping' put the beds together. I was kept busy removing giant screws from his mouth. He must have thought they felt pretty good on his gums because he kept wanting to chew them all the time. Felix is going to be pretty disappointed tomorrow morning when he goes to wake the boys up. They have been sleeping on mattresses on the floor for a while now and he has been able to walk in there and jump on their beds. Their new beds are loft beds, and quite high off the ground. I wonder how long it will take Felix to work out how to climb ladders?

Sleepy Head
Tonight when I tucked Felix into bed, I couldn't help it. I had to run and grab my camera to take a couple of photos of him. He looked so adorable in his pajamas, with his multi-coloured monkey and his ugly 'sock' cat tucked under his arms. Why is it that kids always choose the most unusual toys to be their favourites? Lately, every time I get my camera out, he shakes his head at me because he doesn't want me to take any photos. Tonight he was quite happy and had his cute face on for me.

I haven't written a fact about Down Syndrome for a while. Today I will dispel a myth about people with Down Syndrome. I have heard, so many times, "They are always so happy!"  People with Down Syndrome are not always happy. They have feelings and emotions just like you and I, and can get angry, upset and frustrated just like the rest of us. Felix can sure 'crack it' just like any other two year old if he doesn't want to do something. At the moment, he doesn't want to sit in his car seat straight away. He wants to climb over into the back of the station wagon, so it's like wrestling with a wriggling eel trying to get him clipped in and safe to drive away. Sounds like any other typical kid really, doesn't it?

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