Friday, 26 October 2012

New Babies

What shall I draw next?
Felix is such a funny little man. This morning we were asking him to say "Mum" and he copied us, "Mum, Mum, Mumma". Then we asked him to say "Dad". He signed 'Dad' and then clicked his tongue. Every time we repeated "Dad", he would sign it and click his tongue again. It was hilarious, like he was talking in another language. We were laughing and he was giggling along with us. In the afternoon, while I was driving in the car, I asked Felix if he could say "Dad'. The first couple of times, he clicked his tongue but after I kept repeating it, he started to say "Dad, Dad, Dad". Such a clever little man!

Drawing is something Felix has started to enjoy more and more. He is slowly learning not to eat the crayons or bite the end off the pencils. For his birthday, Felix was given a 'Mega Sketcher'. It's one of those boards that you can draw on with a plastic pencil and then erase the picture afterwards by sliding down the tab on the side. It's a great alternative to pencils or crayons for those, like Felix, who have a penchant for chewing things. During his quiet time, Felix really enjoys drawing on there and will concentrate on it for a really long time. Every now and again, we hear the buzzing sound of him erasing his picture and starting again. Today I drew a funny picture of Nathan on there and Felix sat and 'coloured' it in. The concentration on his face was adorable.
Colouring in Daddy

I am really excited to have 'met' some new Mums on Facebook, over the past week who have either just given birth, or are pregnant with a precious baby with Down Syndrome. Those who have just given birth are enjoying getting to know their new little ones, and those who are still waiting are looking forward to their new life ahead. It has been lovely to read such positive words from Mums who are brand new to our Down Syndrome family. Yes, there are some health concerns and obvious fear of the unknown, but the overriding feelings are ones of love and acceptance. I would like to congratulate all of them, and my hope for them is that those babies who are sick will recover quickly, and their little bodies will fight hard and get stronger every day. For those who are well enough to go home, that they will be content and settled. I know that every single one of these gorgeous little ones will bring overwhelming joy and happiness to their families.

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