Tuesday, 16 October 2012


Watching the dancing
Felix was so cute today. He really misses the older boys when they are at school, and will often knock on their bedroom doors to see if they are in there. Today he was knocking and knocking and, when he got no response, he pushed on one of the doors until it opened. By the time I got up the hallway to bring him back out of the room, he was already laying on Isaiah's bed. When I told him he had to come out of the room he shook his head and lay back down on the pillow. I think he might have actually gone to sleep in there if I had left him, but I wasn't taking any chances. The boys wouldn't have been too happy to have their room trashed by their two year old brother. I might have been in trouble if that had happened.

With his HUGE
Buddy Walk tshirt
I took Felix over to the shops today and it was the first time I had let him walk around, wearing his little boots. I wasn't sure how he would go with his boots on, but he did such a great job and I only had to pick him up a couple of times. He was very stable on his feet; he's definitely getting the hang of this walking thing. I bought him a little pair of sneakers to wear at the Buddy Walk, because I thought it would be too hot for boots. The only problem was, the sneakers didn't support his ankles and so he struggled to walk with them on. Kids with Down Syndrome have very flexible joints and, as I've discovered with Felix, sometimes require some extra support when walking. I might try the sneakers again when he's been walking for a bit longer.

Here we are heading off on the walk. Isaiah is pushing Felix
in the pram (he was asleep already)
Joshua (16) has just walked in the door after getting his haircut. His hair was extremely long and he's just had it cut really short. Felix is looking at him very suspiciously, wondering who this person is who is talking to him. Every time Joshua gets close to him, Felix is burying his head in the floor, like he does with people he doesn't know. It's pretty funny to watch, although Joshua is trying really hard to convince Felix that it's really him! Hopefully he'll recognise him soon!

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