Monday, 29 October 2012

More Fun at Special Needs Playgroup

Looking through the window
Felix woke up at 5.15am this morning! Seriously? I keep trying to explain to him that Mummy is old now and needs her sleep, but he doesn't seem to listen..Hahaha! Due to his very early morning, Felix was starting to get a little bit cranky by 8am, and I was wondering if it was worth going to his Special Needs Playgroup at 9.30am, or not. I anticipated a serious meltdown upon arrival there because he already seemed very tired, but decided to give it a go anyway.

Lucky for Felix, there was only him and another little baby there this morning. As with other social settings, Felix often finds the group a bit intimidating because there are a few kids there with quite 'large' personalities. Some are very busy, rushing around; and others just want to 'love' him. Being quite protective of his personal space, he doesn't want to be 'loved' too much. This morning was perfect for him. He was able to wander freely, without being worried about the other children, and he was able to let his voice be heard (very loudly!)

In the Tunnel
It was such a beautiful day today. Felix's teacher, Jackie, had set up some activities outside in the sunshine, which he really enjoyed. He loves being outside (except it's impossible to keep a sun hat on him). Every activity Jackie had set up outside, Felix tried. There were some tunnels, which Felix was drawn to straight away. He sat inside and peeked out at us with his cheeky grin. Then Jackie brought out a wooden plank and showed Felix how to walk along it. He stood up on it straight away and kept walking, even when it wobbled from side to side. It was really good, today, to see how well Felix is managing to walk on uneven surfaces; the grass, the gravel and the cracks in the concrete. He seems to know when he needs to take extra care, and when he can do something easily.

Jackie had frozen some small blocks of ice which she had coloured with food colouring. She sat with Felix and showed him how he could draw on the concrete with the ice, like chalk. He wasn't so sure about the feeling of the cold ice under his hands but, after watching Jackie for a little while, he tried it a couple of times. He quite liked the green ice so even now, several hours later, he still looks like the Grinch because the green food colouring has stained his skin. I have a feeling he may stay that way for a few days because no amount of scrubbing has made it fade. Nothing like a multi-coloured two year old.

Walking in the sensory box
Felix enjoyed some inside play as well. He enjoyed having some stories read to him and was very animated, signing the things in the picture he could see. He even taught Jackie how to sign the insect, 'cricket'.He liked walking up and down inside the sensory box again, especially the part with the prickly rice on the bottom. A highlight of today was when Felix sat up at the table and had a snack and a drink. He has refused to eat or drink anything at Playgroup for months now, and will either shake his head, 'No', or throw his food on the floor. Again, I think it's because at snack time he is surrounded by other children. Today, he happily sat up and ate his fruit bar and drank his juice. All of these things are just baby steps but to us, as Felix's parents, they are huge breakthroughs. We will never stop celebrating every tiny milestone.

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