Monday, 1 October 2012

New Wheels

Beeping the horn
I'm slowly getting used to seeing Felix walking everywhere instead of crawling. He looks so cute when he walks, because he still holds his hands up over his head to keep his balance most of the time. If he's carrying something, he walks quite well with his hands down in front of him. I think he feels more secure with something in his hands.   Even though he's been 'mostly' walking for a while now, we still don't put shoes on him because he seems to manage better without them. I think we'll wait until he's a bit more confident before we put shoes on him on a regular basis. He does have some really cute little boots, and I hope he gets to wear them a few times before the weather gets too warm.

Today, we finally got around to giving Felix his birthday presents from us. He had two parties over the past week and got so many lovely things that we thought we'd wait for a few days before we gave him our presents. We gave him his little steering wheel this morning. It plays music, says the alphabet and has lots of lights and sounds. He thought it was great. Like a typical boy, he knew exactly how to steer the wheel back and forth, and honk the horn.

First ride on his bike
This afternoon, Nathan put together Felix's little tricycle (his other present). It's one of those ones with a handle for the parents to push it along, and has a harness to safely strap him in the seat. He probably won't be able to pedal it himself for quite a while because his coordination hasn't developed to that stage yet, but also his little short legs won't be able to reach the pedals for quite some time. He's such a tiny little thing! Aaron took Felix for a little bike ride up and down the street, which he thought was great fun, especially when he went under all the trees. He was still in his pajamas because we had a lazy public holiday day today, but he looked pretty gorgeous anyway!

Felix is still doing well with his toilet training. He consistently uses the toilet to do a wee, but since we've had a few trips away he hasn't been doing number two's on there. I'm not worried about it because he has done the same thing before, for a little while, and then started using the toilet again. Each morning, he has his breakfast and then signs, 'toilet'. He then slides down off our bed and walks to the bathroom, picks up his potty seat and puts it on the toilet. He then waits for one of us to come and lift him up onto his seat. He does the same thing off and on throughout the day. I think he's so clever!

Sometimes the boxes are much more fun!
Our little guy was a bit quiet tonight, and I'm wondering if he's not feeling well. The Ear, Nose and Throat specialist did say that he had some fluid behind his ears, so we will have to keep an eye on him. Ninety-nine percent of the time, when Felix goes to bed, we don't hear a sound from him as soon as we close the door. Tonight, a few minutes after he went to bed, he started to cry. I went in there and picked him up to give him a cuddle. Usually, if he's upset, he will let me hold him for a few seconds and then he will reach out to go back in his cot. Tonight he clung on to me so tightly and squeezed my neck. When I went to put him down, he hung on and cuddled right into me. I must admit, it was lovely! He's definitely not a snuggler, so I could have stood in there and held him for hours. After a good few minutes cuddling, I pried him off me and put him to bed. I've heard him cough a few times since, so I'm hoping he'll wake up feeling OK in the morning. I hate to see him unwell.

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