Saturday, 20 October 2012

Super Signer

Our little man is so clever. This afternoon, we thought we would ask him to sign random words and see if he could do them without us signing them first. He is amazing!! I can't believe how much he remembers; even words we haven't signed in weeks, he knows. We listed off heaps of words, one after the other, and he knew every single one. I thought he would get confused because of how quickly we were asking him to sign different things, but he didn't skip a beat and did them perfectly. I am so proud of him, and it has definitely given me extra motivation to learn more and more signs. To be able to communicate with Felix means so much to me and, although I am looking forward to him speaking more verbally in future, I am enjoying learning with him at the moment.

Since seeing the Speech Pathologist last, I have been trying to listen more carefully to the sounds Felix is verbalising. We have played lots of games where we put things 'in' and 'out' of containers and he is definitely making sounds which sound like 'in' and 'out'. Yesterday I was making the sound 'moo' when we were looking at pictures of cows, and he did a really good job of repeating the sound back to me. Sometimes I can see him trying so hard to say a word. His little mouth moves around and I can see him trying to put his tongue in the correct position, but he can't quite get it. I love his determination and I know, with time, he will be chatting away. I have a feeling I'll probably be asking him to be quiet because he's talking too much!

Yesterday, when the other kids were at school, Felix 'helped' me decorate the house for Halloween. The kids have always enjoyed dressing up and going trick or treating, even though most homes in Australia don't celebrate Halloween.  I don't need much of an excuse to decorate because I love holidays, so we decorate the house as well (nothing like the homes in the States though). Since we moved here, some of the other families on the street have got into the spirit of things and send their kids trick or treating too. We always have a lot of kids come to our place because they know we have LOTS of lollies for them. I'm looking forward to dressing Felix up this year. He had fun pulling all the decorations out of the box yesterday, and enjoyed chewing on a squishy 'zombie brain'. He loves the cobwebs we have hung up with plastic spiders in them, and laughs when I carry him through them and they brush against his face. Holidays are always that little bit more fun with a toddler in the house.


  1. Fantastic Felix. You are doing really well with your signing! I cant wait till Jaxon is signing too! Have a fun Halloween! x

    1. It's so exciting when they first start signing. I wonder what Jaxon's first sign will be? :) We're looking forward to Halloween... we always have a lot of fun x x x