Friday, 16 March 2012

World Down Syndrome Day 21 March 2012

Yay for World Down Syndrome Day!
Wow! What a busy day!

Today, Felix had fun catching up with a couple of his little friends at a group the Speech Pathologists at the hospital have been running for the last few weeks.
He is definitely the class clown. He kept everyone entertained as he went from one activity to the next. The highlight for him was finding the xylophone which was the loudest one I think I have ever heard. Felix, of course, made the most of it (I think my ears are still ringing!)

Later today, Felix and his buddy, Jacob (who also has Down Syndrome), had their photos taken for the local paper who will be doing a story about them on World Down Syndrome Day. It was a little bit tricky getting them both to look at the camera at the same time because all they wanted to do was play, but it was fun. I'm looking forward to reading the story when it is printed.

Tonight, my husband and I have worked hard to put together a short video about Down Syndrome for World Down Syndrome Day. It took us quite a few hours, hence the lateness of my blog! I am very pleased with the final product and am looking forward to posting it here next Wednesday to share with you.

What is World Down Syndrome Day?

World Down Syndrome Day is a day to celebrate people with Down Syndrome. It is a day to promote inclusion, acceptance, and diversity. It's a day to recognise the incredible achievements of people with Down Syndrome and the ways in which they contribute to society in so many wonderful ways.

This year is the first year World Down Syndrome Day has been officially recognised by the United Nations which is very exciting. From now on, it will forever be part of the United Nations calendar, giving people campaigning for the rights of people with Down Syndrome, a platform from which to speak.

World Down Syndrome Day is held on the 21st day of the 3rd month every year. The reason for the date is because people with Down Syndrome have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome! A perfect date!

How Can You Help?

A beautiful friend of mine, who runs the baby playgroup that Felix attends, has planned a World Down Syndrome themed playgroup next week. She is planning to make 'chromosome cupcakes' and has planned activities around the theme of diversity and acceptance. All the children have been asked to wear blue and yellow which are the colours of the Down Syndrome ribbon. What a special thing to do to celebrate the lives of Felix and Jacob (the only 2 babies at the group who have Down Syndrome). Maybe you would like to do something similar?

If you would like to make a financial contribution, look up your local Down Syndrome Association. Most work on very tight budgets but provide wonderful support for families raising children with Down Syndrome; and also to many adults with Down Syndrome.

The most important thing, this World Down Syndrome Day, is to spread the message of acceptance, love and friendship. People with Down Syndrome deserve to be treated with the same respect as everyone else. It's people like you and I who can make a difference to those with Down Syndrome, their families and others who love them.

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