Thursday, 15 March 2012

It's Raining Again

Wonder in His Eyes
Wide Eyes

Today I wanted to share with you some gorgeous photos I took of Felix yesterday enjoying one of his all time favourite things to the rain.

He and I sat by the window for about twenty minutes while he pressed his face against the glass and enjoyed looking outside at everything going on. The wind was blowing the trees and the cats were running in for shelter. It got dark quickly, so cars were driving past with their lights on.

None of the activity was lost on him; his eyes were darting everywhere.

Felix traced his hand down the inside of the window, following the raindrops with his hand. He even found a spot inside the window where it was leaking so he played in the little puddle for a while.

His eyes could not have got any wider as he listened to the thunder and watched the lightning. I couldn't help but marvel at his little face as he took it all in.
Big Eyes- Watching the Lightning Flash

He reminds me time and time again that it's the little things in life that can be the most fun. Those moments where we sit and watch the rain and just enjoy being together. Watching him smile and get excited warms my heart so much!

Take a Deep Breath

On Sunday, we have to drive for over four hours to take Felix to the hospital for an appointment early on Monday morning. His Opthamologist wants him to have an MRI scan to check his optic nerve.

It's not really a big deal. He will have a light anaesthetic so that he doesn't wriggle too much and it will be over with in no time. I know a lot of kids with Down Syndrome who have had to endure heart surgeries, bowel procedures and all sorts of things, so this should be easy shouldn't it?

His Smile Melts My Heart
When we received the paperwork from the hospital last week and a copy of the referral from the Doctor all I remember seeing at the top was that dreaded word 'Hydrocephalus' with a question mark next to it. That word still sends shivers down my spine. The Opthamologist didn't mention 'that word' to me at Felix's appointment, so for now I'm just left to wonder. Why was that written there? I guess I wouldn't be a Mum if I wasn't just a little bit worried though would I?

We would really value your thoughts and prayers for our little man this week. I'm sure everything is going to go well. He is our miracle boy and has already proved that nothing is going to stop him. At the very worst he should come away from this appointment needing a cute little pair of glasses (and with each of his 7 siblings needing to wear them I think there's a pretty good chance!)

That Thunder is LOUD!
Hoping For a Rainbow

In the meantime, I am going to spend the next few days singing lots of songs and doing all the crazy actions which go with them. I think we'll read a few pop-up books and have heaps of cuddles. The weather forecast says that it might rain some more so maybe we'll get to sit at the window and watch it again. Maybe we'll even see a rainbow. I'd especially like to see a rainbow this weekend.

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