Sunday, 11 March 2012

Unconditional Friendship

Who could resist that face?
So Very Blessed

We have been blessed with some amazing friends. When we were told to expect that Felix would have Down Syndrome (after the 19 week scan), those close to us didn't waiver for a second in their support for us or in their excitement to meet Felix. In fact, it became obvious as time went on, that a lot of them were doing their own research on Down Syndrome to educate themselves before Felix was born. It was great to be able to share information with each other and to know that our friends were just as eager to learn as we were.

A beautiful group of friends paid for us to have a very emotional 4D Ultrasound after we were told that Felix might die before birth. They wanted us to be able to see Felix's precious little face alive and well in case he didn't survive. To say we are thankful for this is an understatement. It was what we needed at the time, and was a bit of happiness at a very dark time. We will be forever grateful.

One of the things we appreciate about our friends, since Felix has been born, is that they don't treat Felix any differently than any other babies they know. They love to play with him and talk about him, and get excited with us when he learns something new. He is invited to parties and play dates just like any other little boy.

Fairy Godmothers

Beach Baby
Felix has two Godmothers who love him to bits. One of them is getting married later this year and she has asked Felix to be a page boy in her wedding. I love how she is proud of him and wants to show him off and is not embarrassed of him in any way. We're not sure if he will be walking or not by the time she is married, but she isn't worried about that. His other Godmother is a bridesmaid in the wedding and she has offered to carry him if he's unable to walk yet. They are both so special to us, and I know they will play a big part in Felix's life even when he is grown up.

Mother's Gift

Another group of people who are wonderful with Felix are some of the Mums at his Playgroup. It is not a 'special needs' Playgroup; just your average Playgroup where the kids play together and do activities. Felix has learned to push himself by being around the other kids there because he wants to be able to do what they are doing, which is wonderful for his development. The Mums there have been amazing with Felix. They have never compared him to their children, but celebrate with me when they see he has learned to do something new. Usually the first thing I hear from someone when I get there is, "Look at Felix. I haven't seen him do that before!" Felix responds with big smiles and claps of his hands. I hope they know how much they have encouraged me. I truly believe that the children of these women from Playgroup are going to grow up with sensitivity and an acceptance towards others; a gift from their Mothers.

Buddy Walk 2011
Facebook Friends

We have had people on Facebook (more distant acquaintances than close friends), rally around us and offer support in so many ways. We were able to raise over $1000 when we participated in the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk last year. A lot of those donations were from people we don't know well and to be perfectly honest, it was overwhelming! We felt so blessed. It was wonderful that from getting to know Felix and his story via Facebook, these people have felt compelled to support Down Syndrome awareness and in turn raise money for this fantastic cause.

Ask Away

I love it when people ask questions about Felix and about Down Syndrome (Not that I know it all - I'm still learning as I go). I had someone recently apologise to me for asking so many questions, but I assured her it was great. The way to learn is to ask and I appreciated that she was wanting to be informed and to have the correct information about Down Syndrome. If you have never had anything to do with someone with Down Syndrome don't be afraid to ask about it. The vast majority of us with kids like Felix, love having the opportunity to talk to people and give them information. I have really appreciated the people we have met since having Felix who have accepted him and been interested in learning  about Down Syndrome.

Their Loss

Felix and Mummy at the Buddy Walk
Yes, we have encountered some people who have not reacted so positively to Felix, but one thing you learn very quickly after having a child with special needs is who your true friends are. Sure, there are a few people who are not a part of our lives anymore, but I feel sad for them. It is them who will miss out on the love that Felix has to give.

Celebrating Together 

To the people who have written us emails and letters, commented on photos and sent messages via Facebook, spoken to us on the phone or sent us a text; we appreciate each and every one of you. You have made our journey with Felix even better than it is. We love that we can give you a little glimpse into our lives and brag about Felix and show him off, and that you celebrate with us. Your support means so much xxxxx

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