Monday, 26 March 2012

I'm Back!

Crazy Busy

All concerned for Mel
I'm back! What a few days it has been!

On Wednesday, our son, Joel's, beautiful girlfriend Mel, (who is 34 weeks pregnant), started contracting 10 minutes apart so she was taken to hospital to try and stop them. The contractions got closer and closer over time. The hospital was unable to work out what was causing them and, being rural, had limited resources so she was airlifted by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to the city.

Felix and I made the 4 hour drive to the city the following day, and thankfully, after some trial and error, the hospital found a drug that stopped the contractions and gave her some relief. She was able to be discharged today after 5 days in hospital. They have been told to stay in the city until she is at least 37 weeks pregnant  in case anything else happens but will probably stay for the rest of the pregnancy. We have decided to keep a bag packed near the front door in case we need to make another trip.

Playing with his big sister, Amy
There were a lot of special things that happened over the past few days.


Firstly, I got to spend some time with both of our gorgeous daughters who we miss terribly and don't get to see often. It was great to spend some time catching up with them and giving them big cuddles. They may be 19 and 20 years old, but they are as special to us as the day they were born! Felix loved catching up with his big sisters too.

Cuddles for Joel
Felix and I stayed with my parents who we also don't get to see very much. Felix enjoyed a day playing with Granny and Papa and taking walks in the garden while I rushed up and back to the hospital. It was a very special time for all of them.

Our Angel

Bekah (our 19 year old) and I got to spend some time at the cemetery visiting our little angel, Eden Grace. We bought some pink and purple balloons and made her grave look pretty. We had the privilege of speaking to a lady there who only buried her baby boy 8 weeks ago. I felt honoured that she chose to share her story with us at such a painful time. It is wonderful that through shared grief we could encourage each other.

Relief for Joel after the contractions stopped
Felix's Concern

It was amazing to observe Felix's reactions when Mel was having really strong contractions. He would be smiling and talking, but as soon as she had a contraction and was breathing through it he would go very quiet. He watched her for the length of the contraction (approximately 1.5 minutes) and as it finished he would start clapping his hands and smiling again. It was almost as if he knew what was happening. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes I wouldn't have believed it!

Cherish Life

Something else which really touched me happened this morning as I walked to the hospital cafeteria to get myself a coffee. In the hallway of the hospital, I walked past three wheelchairs. In each one was a beautiful little girl about ten years old. Each of them had a bald head as a result of chemotherapy. They all had a smile on their face and their Mums were talking and laughing with each other. It was very confronting for me. I didn't know how to react. Should I smile at the girls and their Mums, or would that be awful considering the obvious pain they were all experiencing fighting cancers of some kind?

It was then I thought about how I feel when people turn their faces away from Felix because they see in him something they are unsure of. I knew in that moment that the right thing to do was to smile at the girls, because despite everything they were going through, they were still making time to smile and laugh and enjoy life. They were living for today!

Seeing those precious little girls was a reminder to me of how lucky I am. How blessed am I to be raising a healthy little boy with Down Syndrome? Those little girls will be in my prayers tonight. I hope each and every one of them fight that evil thing that is cancer and live long and healthy lives!

Love this Kid!
A Glimpse of the Future

As I was leaving the city today on my long drive back home I saw a man about thirty years old waiting patiently to cross the street to go to work.  I don't know who this man was or anything about him, but he made me smile. Why? I felt my heart swell with pride as I saw him standing there because he had Down Syndrome. In my mind I saw Felix standing there with his backpack on, hair brushed, keen to go to work. It made me so excited for Felix's future.

Today I am thankful again for Felix. I'm thankful that because of him I see the beauty in others that I didn't see before. Sometimes the people who are 'different' or are going through difficult times in their lives are the people who can teach us the most about patience, acceptance, love and most of all, life!

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