Sunday, 4 March 2012

The More The Merrier

Our kids- The greatest gifts

We are blessed to have a HUGE family!  Felix has 2 sisters and 5 brothers who he absolutely loves! I can't stress enough how valuable to Felix's development the kids have been. Even the Paediatrician mentioned  how well Felix interacts with people and how expressive he is, and put a lot of it down to his siblings and the time they spend with him.

The first people we called, after being told at our 19 week ultrasound that it looked like Felix would have Down Syndrome, were our kids. None of them wavered in their excitement at having a new sibling, even one with a disability, and all pledged their full support to us and to their baby brother-to-be. They asked lots of questions which we answered if we knew the answer, and researched if we didn't. In some ways during that last half of my pregnancy it was even more exciting than if we were expecting a baby who wasn't going to have Down Syndrome. Maybe it was because none of us had ever experienced this before. It was like we were all setting out on a new adventure together. What a beautiful adventure it has turned out to be!

A Special Bond

Our 13 year old son, Isaiah, has a special bond with Felix. When I drop him off at school in the morning, he holds everyone up because he has to make sure he's kissed and cuddled Felix goodbye before he gets out of the car. He plays games with him, changes his nappy, feeds him his dinner and gives him plenty of cuddles. His facebook page is full of links to articles or videos about people with Down Syndrome and his profile picture is nearly always a photo of him and Felix. He has already told us that when Felix wants to move out of home or when we get too old to look after him, he wants to have Felix live with him. He is going to build a Granny Flat at the back of his house so that Felix has his own place. He also said that he won't marry anyone who wouldn't be happy to have Felix living with them. He loves him so much!

Nothing warms my heart more than watching the kids play with Felix. I know that he enjoys it, but sometimes I wonder if the big kids enjoy it even more!

Who needs toys?

One thing I have noticed, is that when the kids interact with Felix, it rarely involves toys. There are lots of games of peek-a-boo, walks outside to play with the dogs and times when they hold him by the hands and encourage him to walk. At least once a day I hear, "Mum, quick, come here! Look what Felix is doing!" They have learned to observe the small things, which may not be a big deal to other people, but are celebrated in our house with rounds of applause and cheers. Often it is basic things, like the first time Felix balanced on his knees or the first time he reached out his arms to be picked up. Other times it's bigger things like when they have taught him to climb stairs, to roll a ball back and forth between them, to do the actions to 'twinkle, twinkle little star', to give them 'high fives' or to turn on the Playstation (Not sure about that one!). *As I write this, my 17 year old is sitting on the floor playing a game of catch with Felix (using a rolled up sock!)

Thank You

Today, I want to publicly thank our precious kids for everything they have done to help Felix grow and develop. I want to thank them for loving him unconditionally and for being proud of him. He has learned so much from each and every one of you. You are all raising awareness about Down Syndrome and are showing people that there is nothing to fear; that loving someone with Down Syndrome is a blessing. I don't have the words to say how proud I am of ALL of you!

Don't have a million kids?

I know not everyone has a large family to help them raise their child with Down Syndrome, but I'm realising more and more that family doesn't have to be the people that you are related to by blood. Some of the most important people in Felix's life are our friends and their families. They are the people who have decided to adopt Felix as one of their own. My closest friend travelled 4 hours with us a few months ago to attend the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk. It was so special to have her there walking along with us. What was even more special was that her parents, who I have only ever met a couple of times, came into the city to walk with us as well!

Thank you to all of you who have allowed Felix to touch your life in some way. You have no idea the impact you have had on his life already; and how that support will help him reach his full potential in the future. We truly are blessed!


  1. Omg this brought tears to my eyes, just so beautiful x yes your blessed to have your children but they are just as blessed to have you & Nate as their parents, they wouldnt be the people they are without your love,support & understanding. You have done an AMAZING job with them & its a shame there arent more Kylies & Nathans in this world xx

    1. Thank you so much. Glad you're enjoying reading our story xxx