Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Chilling with my boy

Lazy days with this face = Perfect!
Lazy Days

I love days like today. Felix and I had lots of time just to hang out and play. I didn't have to be anywhere or do anything apart from some housework.

Felix likes to help with the washing. Today as I put the wet clothes in the basket ready to hang up, he pulled them all back out again. It's not uncommon for him to have a wet sock draped across his head or a pair of (clean) underwear around his neck and today was no exception. He admired himself in the mirror as he 'dressed' himself. He is getting so much more coordinated now and can pull something over his head and then take it back off again. Even something as simple as 'helping' me with the washing, is a learning experience for him.

Enjoying the wind in his face
In the Sunshine

We spent some time outside today. Felix loves the wind in his face and watching the trees move. He has been enamoured with trees ever since he was tiny. Now that he is so mobile he enjoys being able to experience the outdoors even more. He likes to crawl on the grass and pick up leaves that have fallen. It's so beautiful to watch him discover new things. I've had to  become a professional at getting things out of his mouth without being bitten by his razor sharp teeth. Why is it that babies have to taste everything they pick up?

Saying hello to Atlas
Now that his neck is much stronger we are able to use the baby sling and take him when we walk the dogs. The expression on his face is priceless as he watches the dogs run and play. He gets so excited! At almost 18 months old, there are still so many 'firsts' with Felix and each one is so much fun to experience with him. He nearly experienced his first snake as we walked the dogs the other day, but thankfully Daddy had him at a safe distance. I was the lucky one who had to try and get the dogs away from a HUGE brown snake. Felix learned how to sign the word 'snake' after that as I couldn't stop talking about it!

Mirror, Mirror

Talking to himself in the mirror
This afternoon Felix played in front of the mirror for quite a while, talking and laughing and waving his arms about. I would love to know what he is saying to himself. He is so animated. One day I will have to post a collage of photos of his expressions I have captured in photos. I'm sure he will be on stage when he's older; acting, dancing or doing comedy. He really is such a funny little boy! He's possibly a little bit vain though because we are always telling him how handsome he is. I don't think there's much doubt that he will grow up to have a healthy self esteem!

Felix fell asleep as soon as he laid down in his cot tonight. He's had a busy day. I'm already looking forward to seeing that happy little face in the morning. I wonder what new things he will learn tomorrow?

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