Thursday, 22 March 2012

Inclusion at Playgroup

Gorgeous DS penguin cake
Felix goes to a 'regular' playgroup every Thursday afternoon. Apart from Felix and his friend Jacob (also with Down Syndrome), I don't think there are any other children who attend who have special needs. That's why yesterday was so special.

Making noise
My beautiful and very talented friend, Julianne, runs our playgroup. She is constantly coming up with new ideas to make playgroup fun for the Mums, Dads and the children. A few weeks ago, Julianne approached me about the idea of having a World Down Syndrome Day themed playgroup to coincide with all the celebrations of 21/3. I love how enthusiastic she is to raise awareness and encourage inclusion for people with Down Syndrome, especially Felix and Jacob.

An amazing cheese dip igloo with penguins made out of olives
Yesterday was just incredible. There was a HUGE turnout of people at playgroup. People I have never met before attended with their children. Julianne asked if everyone could wear yellow and blue, the Internationally recognised colours for Down Syndrome Awareness and to bring a plate of food  to go with the penguin theme or to resemble the differences that we, as people, have. She organised lots of different penguin games for the children to play and gave a lovely speech about how her perceptions of people with Down Syndrome had changed since spending time with Felix and Jacob.

Rolling around on the grass
It was a great opportunity to talk to parents I have never met before and enjoy watching Felix play with their children. The photographer from the local paper was there to take photos, so hopefully there will be another story in the paper about World Down Syndrome Day. It is great to know that people in our local community are now talking about Down Syndrome and seeing that those with Down Syndrome are not that much different to everybody else.

People like Julianne and those who attended playgroup yesterday are the ones who will make a difference in Felix's life. It was clear at playgroup that people love and accept Felix for who he is; a happy, cheeky, busy little boy who loves playing with other children and learning from them. How wonderful for these children to have parents who are raising them to show their support and acceptance of others, like Felix, who may have a few differences but are just as worthy of their friendship. Thank you to all who helped to make yesterday a fantastic day for all of us x x x

Felix holding hands with Gemma


  1. How lovely is that!
    Not just for Felix and his little friend Jacob but for all of the future children with Down Syndrom, you are helping those in the dark become more aware of the potential these people have!
    You really are making a remarkable difference from your blog, and success at voicing information and life storys to the to the community.
    Two words- Amazingly incredible.

    P.s I am loving your posts :)

    1. Thank you so much. Felix is truly an inspiration! We are so blessed to have some amazing people in our lives who have accepted Felix and love him, and are active in raising awareness about Down Syndrome.
      I'm glad you're enjoying my blog x x x