Saturday, 17 March 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day

My Little Leprechaun

On this day, 12 years ago, I gave birth to an adorable baby boy. He was born after a ridiculously short 25 minute labor. He needed a little bit of oxygen to help him get over the shock of coming into the world so fast. I just needed a chance to catch my breath- it was intense! He has grown into an amazing kid, with an eccentric sense of humor and a wonderful imagination. His favourite present he received today? A handmade plush toy 'Creeper' doll which is a character from a computer game he likes to play. Handmade- yet he loves it!

I love our kids SO much. I love that, being from a big family, they have had to learn to appreciate things. They get excited when they get something new and enjoy things just that little bit more than if they were given things all the time. Aaron got lots of cool presents today, but the one that he hasn't stopped talking about was the one I made. He's so precious!

Aaron was going to be my very last baby, but ten years later along came Felix......

Signing Progress

I am so proud of this little boy. It's almost as if his ability to sign has improved overnight! Just in the last couple of days, his vocabulary has increased so much. Rather than just mimicking us when we sign to him, he has been instigating 'conversation'; telling us when he wants something to eat, if he wants Daddy or would like to pat one of the cats. It seems like our hard work (learning to sign with our 'old' brains) has started to pay off.

Our goal in teaching Felix to sign, has been to reduce any frustration he may have if his speech is delayed more than other 'typical' children. We would love him to be able to express what he needs or wants by signing  until such a time as he is able to tell us with words. It is exciting to watch his signing develop.

I'll be back

Tomorrow we leave for our long trip to the hospital for Felix's appointment on Monday. We won't have access to a computer while we are away, so I will be unable to post a blog for a few days. Hopefully by the time I am back online, I will have some good news to be able to share with you. I will be able to tell you that all my worries were for nothing and Felix is in perfect health! That is my hope :)  

Watch this space......

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