Monday, 3 September 2012

Spring is here!

Such kissable lips x x x
Yay!! The sun is shining! It was such a beautiful day today. I have missed the sunshine SO much, and today reminded me of why I love it. I took Felix outside to his sandpit and we sat there for ages (in the shade so he didn't get sunburnt). He was so excited to be playing outside and did lots of scooping and digging in the sand; running it between his fingers and scooping handfuls of it into his lap. Thankfully he has gone from putting a whole mouthful of sand into his mouth, to just a tiny bit.  I think he likes the feel of it when it crunches between his teeth, but I certainly don't like the sound of it!!

Taste this Isaiah....Mmmmmm!
When Nathan got home from work he joined us on the front porch, near the sandpit, to play with Felix. Isaiah and Aaron also came and sat out there with us as well. I love those moments; five of us all sitting around on our little front porch, building sandcastles and digging holes. Felix thrives on it, and learns so much from watching how we play in the sand. He has started to copy what we do; with his own unique touches, of course. Today, Isaiah and I noticed that Felix was doing some imaginary 'cooking'. He scooped some sand into a bucket, then stirred it with a spoon-shaped spade. Every so often he would stop stirring and add an extra tiny pinch of sand, and then stir it again. He then scooped it up to his mouth and pretended to taste it, saying "Mmmm". Isaiah and I were also offered a 'taste'. Felix is very often in his high chair watching on as we are cooking, so I think he has been quietly observing things and remembering them and then using those observations in his play. Such a clever boy!

Playing in the sand
Today I decided to start a public Facebook page so people can share their experiences about people in their lives who have Down Syndrome. I'd love you to have a look, and share your story on the page. Feel free to post any links to your blog (if you write one), and I would welcome any links to helpful information, inspirational stories and quotes or anything else you think would be encouraging. My hope is that people all over the world will visit the page and learn about Down Syndrome and realise that it's not something to be afraid of. For those who have loved ones with Down Syndrome, I hope they will realise that they are not alone and that there is a whole world-wide Down Syndrome Community to support them. If you have Facebook, feel free to check it out  Bear in mind, it is a public page. If you are uncomfortable with sharing your children's photos on an open page, it is probably best not to post them there. Those who are OK with it, feel free to smother the page with pics :)

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