Thursday, 13 September 2012

Just Perfect!

Having Fun
After the success of yesterday, with Felix playing so beautifully in a room full of people, today was a bit of a disaster. Felix had been asleep for 3 1/2 hours this afternoon when his little friend, Jacob, came over with his Mum, to play. I decided to go and wake Felix up because it was nearly 3pm and he had been asleep for so long already. As soon as he saw that we had visitors, he clung to my neck like a little monkey and wouldn't let go. Poor Jacob; Felix wasn't much fun to play with. I tried to put him in his high chair to have something to eat, and he got really distressed and cried and cried until I lifted him out again. I went to put him in there a few minutes later and the same thing happened. I have never actually seen him like that before so it was quite upsetting. Maybe he wasn't ready to wake up yet? Rachel and Jacob stayed for about an hour and as soon as they left, he wolfed down his lunch and then crawled off to play. It's all a little bit strange and hopefully just a stage he's going through.

Cutting the Playdough
Yesterday, at Down Syndrome South Australia, was really special on so many levels. The sense of belonging was just incredible. To know that each and every person there shares a common bond through our children is such a great feeling. Morning tea was served by three young adults with Down Syndrome. They did such a beautiful job of making sure everyone had plenty to eat. One of the boys had a plate of cakes, and the other was handing out serviettes for us to wipe our hands. They were both quiet and shy, but had the most gorgeous smiles, and looked to be really enjoying helping feed the masses. The girl, who was also serving, was so much fun. She kept teasing Amy, which was hilarious. She was so confident and looked completely at ease socialising with everyone. It's such a joy to watch the older kids and have a tiny glimpse into Felix's future.

Mesmerised by the bubbles
I forgot to mention that Nathan was able to make it for the end of Early Intervention yesterday. He really enjoyed being able to watch Felix in his element, playing and laughing. He got there in time for some singing, and I could tell, by Felix's face, that he was pretty excited to have his Daddy there. I was glad Nathan had a chance to have a look around the Early Intervention room and meet some of the other parents and kids. He picked a good day, because there were quite a few Dads there yesterday which was great.

After the songs, our Early Intervention Coordinator, started up a bubble machine which created thousands of bubbles. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen; massive smiles on all of the children's faces, as they watched the bubbles float above their heads. Some of them were jumping up to try and touch them, and others sat, amazed, looking up as high as they could. They were just a bunch of kids enjoying what any other kids their age would love. The only thing different was that they all have Down Syndrome. Personally, I have never seen a more beautiful sea of faces. Just perfect!

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