Saturday, 29 September 2012

Felix is Two!

So many presents...
Happy 2nd birthday to our precious little man, Felix! I can't believe he is two years old already. I was saying to a friend the other day (and may have written it here previously), that it seems like these past two years have gone by so quickly in a lot of ways but, at the same time, it feels like Felix has always been with us. It's hard to imagine life without him in it.

Today was a busy, but fantastic day. We decided to throw Felix a 'dinosaur' birthday party at the park across the road from our house. I was stressing a bit when I woke up this morning because yesterday it was so windy, I felt like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! However, when I got out of bed and looked out the window, there were blue skies and it was nice and still. It was still pretty cold, and there was the occasional threatening cloud overhead, but by the time the party came around, the sun peeked through just enough to take the chill off the air.

Isaiah helping Felix with the pinata
We took Felix's little plastic slide and his ball pit over to the park, because the playground there is not really suited for little kids. We also emptied his sandpit and transported it across the road and then refilled it (thanks to Felix's big brothers), and buried plastic dinosaurs in the sand to dig for. We had a dinosaur pinata, and the bigger kids painted some 'dinosaur fossils'. I carved a watermelon to look like a dinosaur head and filled it with fruit salad, and we had lots of party food. I made a dinosaur birthday cake for Felix, which he thought was pretty good. I loved the look on his face when he saw it for the first time.

Yay! It's my birthday!
Felix celebrated the day with twelve of his little friends. He seemed really comfortable with lots of kids running around and with all the noise. He played closely with some of them at different times and didn't seem scared, which was great. The only time he panicked a little bit was when we tried to get a photo of Sophie, Jacob and Felix (our three little ones with Down Syndrome), all sitting in the ball pit together. I watched as Felix's face went from a little bit worried, to full blown terror and then tears. Sophie's Nanna quickly picked him up and he snuggled in to her shoulder until he stopped crying. He recovered pretty quickly and was happily back to playing in a few minutes.

After we all sang 'Happy Birthday' to Felix, he was so excited. He clapped his hands, and then he did the cutest thing. He signed the word 'again', because he wanted everyone to sing to him again. A beautiful end to an awesome day!


  1. Julieanne Williams29 September 2012 at 09:12

    It was a beautiful day! Thank-you so much for inviting Elijah and I to be a part of it. I agree....cutest thing ever when Felix signed again. I was really quite tempted to sing again for him and would of happily done so :-)
    Upon reflection of our afternoon, I realised, as usual I spent most of the time talking to your kids! It was so wonderful when I noticed Aaron following Elijah as he went to the playground, and then ensuring he was safely climbing on everything and then Isaiah did the same a little later. Then Joel and Joshua just came up for chat. I've said it before and I'll say it again... Your family is beautiful Kylie, Felix is so lucky to have such wonderful, caring peole in his life.
    Thank-you again for today xxxx

    1. That's so lovely. Thank you Julianne :) I must admit, I am so proud of the kids and the way they have always welcomed people into our home, offered cups of coffee and helped out with little ones who have come to visit. They are great kids and Nate and I couldn't be prouder of them.
      You're welcome to come and sing to Felix anytime. He will sign, 'again' and 'again', until you sing so much that you will have no voice left. He absolutely loves being sung to :)
      Thank you again to you and your little man for being part of his special day x x x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! He had a wonderful day, and is enjoying all of his new books and toys now. x x x