Sunday, 16 September 2012

Beach Fun

Having a dig in the sand
When we woke up this morning, the sun was shining so we decided to take Felix and one of the dogs down to the beach for a play. Out of our three dogs, we chose to take our biggest one with us. Atlas is a 17 month old Bullmastiff and, although he is getting huge, he is so gentle with Felix. We can let him off the lead and he will stay next to us; he's such a good boy. Felix thought it was great that Atlas was in the back of the car, and he kept craning his neck back as far as he could to try and see him. He loves the dogs!

Hanging out with Daddy and Atlas
It was too cold to go in the water, but Felix was very happy to dig with his spade and fill up his bucket with sand. He's very enthusiastic with the sand, and ended up with it all through his hair, over his clothes and in his mouth. Atlas ran up and back across the sand, but always slowed himself right down by the time he got to Felix and then sat himself down next to him. Felix gave him lots of pats, and even though he tried really hard to encourage Atlas to lick him on the face (by leaning towards him to kiss his mouth), Atlas was very good and didn't do it. I wish all of our dogs were that well behaved.

Felix has such short little cute!
After we had a bit of a play on the sand, we went for a walk up the beach. Nathan carried Felix, who was getting a bit tired, and he enjoyed snuggling up on Daddy's shoulder. It will be great when Felix is walking  more confidently so he can walk with us. I know he'll enjoy helping to walk the dogs and having a run on the beach himself. He takes a few cautious steps on the sand, but it's still a bit tricky when the sand is so soft under his feet. It's only six more days now until he is a Page Boy in our friend's wedding, so it will be interesting to see how he navigates the aisle. Will he walk, or crawl, or just lay down with his face to the floor and refuse to move? Watch this space!!

Isaiah called out to us earlier to, 'come quick!' He was laughing so much, but we didn't get to the room in time. He explained to us that Felix had picked up a little DUPLO man and carefully put it on the back of his little ride-on elephant rocker. He then climbed on the elephant and gave the little man a ride. When he was finished, he turned around, picked up the little man and then threw him across the room. I guess his ride was over!! Such a funny little person, our Felix!

Loving his little DUPLO people
Later in the afternoon I went into the lounge room to find Felix, sitting on Isaiah's lap, with a Playstation controller in his hands. He was staring intently at the TV, pressing the buttons and moving the controller up and down. He was convinced that it was him who was controlling the movement on the game. He sat there for a really long time, concentrating hard on what he thought he was doing. The Playstation is a bit of a 'bonding' thing with our boys. Even though a couple of the older boys live away from home, the younger boys will play online against them and still have that contact with each other. Modern technology is pretty amazing like that. Felix is in training already; with five older brothers they'll be having him playing against them as soon as he's old enough to work the controller!!

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