Friday, 7 September 2012

Bumps and Bruises

Bumps and Bruises
Poor Felix is looking a bit battered and bruised after his bumps the other day. His black eye is looking very multicoloured, and he woke up this morning with what looks like an insect bite on his cheek. Throughout the day he has managed to scratch the bite, so now it looks a bit weepy and messy. I'm hoping everything heals up quickly because he's in a wedding in two weeks time. Thank goodness for photoshop because the wedding pictures might need some. Good thing he's cute!

Today Felix and I spent lots of time singing. He is getting so good at telling me which song he wants to sing. He communicates it to me by doing some of the actions. If I start singing the wrong one, he will frantically shake his head from side to side and do the actions again to the one he wants. He is so enthusiastic with his actions, exaggerating his favourite ones and laughing at me when I copy him. After the song is finished, he always signs "again" and I have to either think of a new song, or sing the same one again. When I've had enough of singing, he looks up at me with those beautiful almond shaped eyes and I have to sing just one more. I can't resist those eyes!

Happiest at Home
I took Felix around to visit his buddy, Jacob, today. I was looking forward to him spending some time playing with Jacob and being in another environment. Unfortunately, Felix is still really struggling to interact with other kids his own age. He seems really frightened by them. Poor Jacob wanted to touch Felix and share toys with him, but Felix wasn't having any of it. He buried his head in my lap and looked very sad. In a way I guess Felix is very much like an only child. He constantly has his brothers around him, but they are all much older and he sees them all the time; they know what he likes and doesn't like, and he is in his comfort zone when he is around them. Felix also interacts quite well with other adults (although he won't let them hold him if we are around). For some reason, little kids are scary. If anyone has any suggestions about how we can help Felix mix more comfortably with other children his age, please let me know. We would love to know what has worked for you!

I had the opportunity to meet another Mum, of a gorgeous little baby boy with Down Syndrome, today. We have previously met online, but it was nice to meet face to face finally. Her son is such a cutie, with a huge smile; just adorable. I must admit, he made me a little bit clucky! It took me back to when Felix was a little one and made me think that I'd love to have another one just like him. Pity we can't reproduce his exact DNA, although it's probably a good thing we can't or we'd end up with 20 kids instead of just 8!

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