Friday, 14 September 2012

Building a Fort

Inside his 'sheet fort'
I know I'm always saying how much I love the simple activities we do with Felix the most, but it's true. There's something so enjoyable about creating a really easy activity, which costs nothing and takes very little time, and seeing him absolutely love it!

Today we made a 'sheet fort' (or a 'sheet cubby') for him in our bedroom. We draped a big queen sized sheet across the top of some of our furniture and put a few books and toys inside of it. He thought it was brilliant! Nathan climbed in there with him and the two of them played for ages. Felix alternated between sitting quietly, reading his books or playing with his cars, to laughing hysterically as he stood up and touched the 'roof' or looked out from under the 'walls'. He stayed inside his 'fort' even when we had got busy doing other things, and it kept him entertained for a really long time. I have a feeling building a 'sheet fort' is going to become a regular thing.

Sharing his fort with Daddy
Bath time is another opportunity for a fun play and we always try and make the most of it. We have nights where we add extra bubbles and make bubble hats and bubble beards. Felix has had a gelli-baff (a product which makes the water turn semi-solid like jelly), and I have also added food colouring to the water to make a coloured bath. Note: Don't use yellow food colouring because it just looks like toilet water! Yuk! Tonight, Isaiah watched Felix while I got his pajamas ready. Felix loves it when one of his brothers give him a bath, and the boys usually end up almost as wet as him, because he gets extra excited and splashes more than usual. He always has to look at himself in the mirror after his bath because he has a towel with a hood on it, with lion's ears, and he thinks he looks pretty awesome!

Wearing Daddy's hat
After his bath tonight, it was dress up time. Felix loves Nathan's Police hat and likes putting it on his own head and then putting it on Daddy's head. He's not terribly gentle about the way he puts it on Nathan's head, so poor Daddy gets lots of whacks on the face in the process. Felix has a fascination with the bird on the badge on all of Nathan's uniforms and always points at it and signs 'bird'. His sign for bird is so cute because he has such little fingers. He does it so delicately like he's talking about a really tiny bird.

One of the sweetest times of the day with Felix is bedtime (7pm). He has always been so easy to put to bed and we all enjoy his kisses and cuddles before we put him in his cot. He happily says goodnight to everyone and then giggles when we hand him his favourite stuffed toys. He often sits up and blows us kisses as we walk out of his room and shut the door. That's the last we hear from him until the morning, when we hear him playing through the baby monitor. He's so precious!

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