Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Early Intervention

I see you!
Felix had the best day today! We decided to drive down to Adelaide yesterday so we could go to Early Intervention at Down Syndrome South Australia today. It was the last group for the term, so it was a little celebration with all the kids who have attended throughout the term. We have only been able to attend about 3 or 4 times all year because we live so far away, so it was wonderful to feel so welcomed and included today. Most of the kids are aged between birth and four years old and are so unbelievably gorgeous! I just wanted to snuggle them all!

Love that smile
The strangest thing about today was Felix's behaviour. I have been struggling so much to get him to interact with other children and not be frightened of them, but today he was totally at ease as soon as we arrived at Early Intervention. The room was noisy and crowded with parents and children, but he had a permanent smile on his face and laughed and had so much fun. He interacted with other children even when they sat close to him and touched him. He also walked a lot, which he doesn't usually do in a room full of people. I couldn't believe my eyes! It made the day so enjoyable for both of us and it was so beautiful to see Felix relaxed and enjoying himself. It was almost as though Felix had a sense of belonging and it was the most precious thing to watch.

Another special part of today was that our eldest daughter, Amy, was able to come and spend the two hours with us at EI. Felix was really excited to see her and gave her so many cuddles. Amy hadn't seen Felix walk before, so she loved being able to see him toddling around. It was beautiful to see the smile on her face as Felix entertained her with all of his hilarious antics. He may only be a tiny little 9kg (19.8lb) boy, but his personality is certainly huge, and Amy loves it! She does stand-up comedy fairly regularly, and we always say that she and Felix will have to team up for a comedy show when he's a bit older. Amy thinks that would be fun, but is pretty certain that Felix would upstage her. I think she could be right!

Playdough with Amy
Our other daughter, Bekah, made it for the last few minutes of EI, so she got to have a bit of a play with Felix as well. He loves his sisters and even though he doesn't see them often, he doesn't hesitate to throw himself into their arms as soon as he sees them. Our family may be spread out all over the place now that the older kids have left home, but the connection and love is still there just as strongly as ever. We're so thankful for that.

I had the opportunity today to speak to lots of other parents and enjoyed hearing about how their kids are progressing. It's really exciting to share the pride we have for our children, with each other, and celebrate milestones together. It's also great to be able to pick up bits of information from others which might be helpful for Felix. I came home with a list of fantastic apps for the ipad, a brand new laminator to make some flashcards (thanks to the lovely Catherine), some more information on signing and some new communication tools. I'm so thankful for the wonderful people we have come to know since having Felix; they have become like family to us. Thank you all for a brilliant day!

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