Monday, 10 September 2012

Painting Fun

Watching the NFL in his Packers
Felix and I went to special needs playgroup today. There were a lot more kids there this week than there usually are, so Felix straight away looked very apprehensive with all the extra noise and activity. A couple of the boys are quite boisterous and Felix flinched every time they walked past him. I thought that I may have to  take him home because he looked like he was starting to get upset.

Then along came one precious little boy we have got to know over the past 12 months. First of all he looked at Felix from across the room and said, "Felix" very excitedly, like he had just noticed he was there. He then came close to us and sat himself down next to Felix. He didn't touch the toys Felix was playing with, but he sat and played with something else next to him. Felix moved a bit closer to me and then stared at the other little boy for a minute, as if wondering what to do. It was only a minute later that Felix relaxed and happily played next to him, and even interacted by sharing some toys. Thank goodness for that little boy. It was such a breakthrough for Felix because he has really been stressing out a lot when other children come close to him. He is such a sweet little boy and I'm so thankful for his gentleness with Felix.

Funny boy!
It was fruit time half way through playgroup, but Felix didn't want anything to eat. He shook his head and crawled away from me. He went over to the painting easel and pointed at it. I asked him again if he wanted some fruit and he shook his head again to say, "No". After that he reached up and grabbed a painting smock from off the table and held it up to me. I was so excited because he communicated beautifully to me that he wanted to do some painting. Even more exciting was the fact that he remembered that he needs to put on a smock before he paints. He enthusiastically painted a beautiful picture, dipping his paint brush in the different pots of paint. He ended up covered in paint; all over his hands, smears on his face and even some in his hair. He wasn't too impressed when I finally took him away to wash his hands.

Reading a book to his nephew
This afternoon, Mel brought our gorgeous little Grandson, Noah, over for a play with Felix. They were so cute. Felix kept trying to put his plastic fireman helmet on Noah's head. Noah was so tolerant and let Felix put it on and off his head, even whacking him in the face with it a few times. He's going to grow up tough with Felix for an Uncle! The most beautiful thing to see was Noah watching Felix play. He couldn't take his eyes off him. He was smiling his adorable smile and following Felix, with his eyes, everywhere he went. Mel was telling me that Noah has started copying some of Felix's funny faces. He has a lot of crazy ones so the two of them are going to make a hilarious pair! They are both such precious little men in my life. I look forward to watching them grow and learn from each other.


  1. Sounds like he had a great & creative day!love the pics;)

    1. Thanks again :) He had a great day x x